Drink that cures gastritis, slimming, controls diabetes and cleans skin!

English Potatoes are tasty in many ways: fried, baked, steamed. Anyway, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like English Potatoes . But what interests us today is the medicinal use of the English Potato , which, unfortunately, is very little known by the people. This tuber is incredibly beneficial to health, as long as we know how to use it. And one of the best ways to take advantage of the Potato ‘s potential is to consume its juice.

It may not be tasty, but it’s not unpalatable either. Yes, you can take it and, for the benefits, if we were you, we would start consuming it today! What is so special about Potato Juice ? You will now know:

1. Gastritis:  The English Potato is alkaline and, therefore, its juice serves to calm the gastrointestinal tract and help to cure excessive acidity (heartburn). To treat gastritis , take 1 tablespoon of potato juice dissolved in water half an hour before breakfast, lunch or dinner. Improvement will be almost immediate.

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2. Stomach ulcer:  If you drink just 50 ml (about 2 full tablespoons) of potato juice in the morning (on an empty stomach) and do the same with other meals, you will get a big improvement in your stomach ulcer.

3. Diabetes:  Potato juiceis also recommended as it helps to reduce blood glucose.

4. Lung diseases:  Do you smoke? If you have this bad addiction, you should drink potato juice regularly. It won’t get you off the cigarette, but it will at least do something to help your lungs. More on Potato Juice .

  • Potato juice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that works very well against arthritis and all other forms of inflammatory pain like back and joint pain.
  • Potato juice improves circulation in all areas of the body.
  • Potato juice is very alkaline and is used to alkalize the body in order to prevent illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Potato juice is excellent for eczema and acne, even helping to clear your skin quickly.
  • Potato  juice can help you lose weight.
  • Potato juice is great against gout and uric acid.
  • Potato juice helps to lower cholesterol.
  • Potato  juice helps to cleanse the liver and gallbladder.

But it’s not over yet!

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Studies show that potato juice is effective in treating pancreatitis and kidney disease. And there is some evidence that it helps control blood pressure. In addition, this juice also helps to prevent the formation of stones in the urinary tract. And finally, potato juice is a source of Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Vitamin B, and Phosphorus , Calcium , Iron , Potassium , zeaxanthin, Fiber and Protein . Now, See How to Make Potato Juice .


  • Preferably use Organic Potatoes .
  • You can make this juice in a centrifuge or blender.
  • If you make it in a blender, chop the potatoes well to make it easier.
  • Also add a little water (about 150 ml).
  • Blend, strain and drink right away.

Potato juice tastes not pleasant. Therefore, we recommend mixing it with other juices, such as apple and carrot. Another way to make the juice is to peel a potato, grate and then squeeze until the juice comes out.

This is the most suitable way to treat gastritis and stomach ulcers.

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