Double Vision – What it is, Cause and Treatments!

Double Vision – What it is, Cause and Treatments  Your treatment will depend on whether you have double vision in one eye. Also,  Double Vision  can be constant, it can come and go, or it can only occur when you are looking in a certain direction.

The cause of your blurred vision depends on whether your Double Vision comes from one eye (monocular) or both eyes (binocular). This also affects the treatment you receive.

Treatment ranges from special glasses and eye exercises, to surgery to remove a cataract .

Diplopia is the Double Vision that happens when the eyes are not aligned correctly, transmitting images of the same object to the brain, but from different angles.

Individuals with diplopia are unable to merge the images of both eyes into a single image, creating the sensation that they are seeing two objects instead of just one. so check it out now  Double Vision – What it is, Causes and Treatments.

What causes: 

Each eye creates its own slightly different image because the two eyes are physically located in different positions.

However, you usually only see one image. This is because your brain merges the images produced by each eye into a single image in a process known as fusion .

If your eye muscles or nerves are damaged, the muscles may not be able to control your eyes properly and you may develop double vision .

Your eye muscles may also be weakened as a result of a health condition or your eyes may not be properly aligned. This is sometimes known as a squint.

Adults who had a squint as a child can sometimes develop double vision over time.


Dual Vision is seeing two images of a single object. It is sometimes confused with blurred vision . If you have blurred vision, a single unclear image will appear. If you have, you will see two images at the same time.

Double Vision can be constant, it can come and go, or it can only occur when you are looking in a certain direction.

A weakness in the muscles on either side of the eyeball can cause horizontal Double Vision , where you see two images side by side while looking left or right.

It can also make your eyes appear “crossed over”, or as if they are wandering.

Visit your GP as soon as possible if you develop Dual Vision , especially if you haven’t had it before. It could be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

Dealing with Double Vision:

Your treatment will depend on whether you have Double Vision in one eye (monocular) or both eyes (binoculars) and the underlying cause.
Underlying conditions can be treated separately. check out more about the causes of Double Vision .

Double Vision in One Eye:

If you are diagnosed with monocular double vision , treatment will depend on the underlying condition causing the problem.


If you have monocular double vision caused by astigmatism (an abnormally curved cornea), you may be prescribed corrective lenses , such as eyeglasses or contact lenses .

Most children over the age of 12 can wear contact lenses .

Corrective lenses compensate for the uneven curve of the cornea so that incoming light passing through the corrective lens is properly focused on the retina.

Laser surgery is another possible option for treating Double Vision , but it is not generally available for free on the NHS.

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