Dolomite – what is it? what is it for? benefits and how to use!

Dolomite is a mineral found in nature, more precisely in limestone rocks, its composition is formed by calcium and magnesium carbonate . We can say that it resembles clay, however, it has a whitish color in its in natura form. To be used in therapeutic treatments, the mineral undergoes a procedure called purification, where all agents that may be toxic to human health are removed. We will provide more information about Dolomite  such as its applications, benefits, contraindications and others.

Dolomite what is it:

Dolomite  is a mineral composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate . It is extracted from limestone rocks, has a white color and somewhat resembles clay. In addition, before reaching the market, the mineral  undergoes a purification process to remove toxic residues. Currently it is widely used in natural treatments, such as hydrotherapy, phytotherapy, among others.

What is it for:

It is used in natural treatments such as phytotherapics, hydrotherapics. In the beginning it was widely used to treat digestive problems, as it helped to relieve the feeling of bloating and feeling very full. But over time it turned out that it had other uses as well, as it can be a great pain reliever, anti-inflammatory , clotting, toning, relaxing and many other uses.

Benefits :

1. Treats stomach problems:

Since ancient times, the benefits of  Dolomite  were used to take care of the stomach, today it is no different, it continues to act in the evils that affect this organ such as gastritis , ulcers, poor digestion, gas, diarrhea and food poisoning.

2. Strengthens the hair:

Dolomite  acts to control the oiliness of the scalp , thus curing dandruff and seborrhea responsible for excessive hair loss. The result is beautiful, healthy, strong and shiny hair.

3. Promotes muscle relaxation:

The muscles in our body need to be in tune, so there must be a balance between contracting and relaxing them. This is only possible due to the calcium responsible for contracting the muscles and the magnesium that has the function of relaxing. Dolomite has these two  important minerals that are   used in the treatment of fatigue and muscle pain.

4. Leaves skin beautiful:

You may have heard of the “porcelain mask”, as it can be extracted through the Dolomite Benefits  that this nutrient offers our health, as the mineral  quickly penetrates the pores giving an effective revitalization of the skin, in addition, it provides other effects such as toning and healing in cases of pimples , acnes, mycoses, wounds and blemishes.

5. Treats Rheumatic Pain and Arthritis:

Therapeutic treatments show that the use of Dolomite  Benefits  is very effective to alleviate pain such as arthritis, sciatica, osteoporosis , bruises, lupus, among others.

How to use:

To use it, just make a paste, apply it on the desired area, let it act for 20 minutes and then rinse. For all these uses, however, it is important to consult a specialist so that he can guide you correctly, considering that mineral supplementation  can only be done with a doctor’s prescription. Dolomite can be found in health food stores . It is used as a poultice, to make baths or in the form of a paste. It usually comes in a powder form.


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The mineral  cannot be used by people with kidney failure and allergic to these minerals. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should also not use the product.

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