The 10 Diseases That Most Affect Men

The Diseases that Most Affect Men are diverse and varied. In addition, the Diseases that Most Affect Men are different from the most common in women, the life span of men in relation to women is less 7.6 years. Usually men die victims of stroke, cirrhosis , prostate cancer, myocardial infarction, diabetes , among others. It’s no secret that men care less about their health than women. According to studies, men go to the doctor less and do less preventive exams.

Diseases that most affect men

Brazilian men do not behave like women, who go to their gynecologists annually and perform preventive exams. The habit of performing preventive check-ups is not a common attitude of men, which facilitates the evolution of diseases that could be avoided. Check out the 10 diseases that affect men the most:

Cardiovascular diseases: Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for more than 30% of deaths recorded in the country, these diseases affect men more than women. According to renowned cardiologists from health plans, the main cardiovascular diseases are heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrhythmias and accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries.

Prostatic Hypertrophy: A man over 50 years of age can have an enlarged prostate and the name given to this problem is prostatic hypertrophy. Usually, the most common symptom, the first of which is going to the bathroom during the night, several times. Another symptom is the interruption of urine and difficulties in doing it. This can cause the man to suffer from the damming of urine in the bladder when the disease reaches more advanced stages. Urinary problems are the ones that most affect men.

Obesity : Obesityamong men grows absurdly every year and is responsible for many diseases that can lead to death, such as heart disease, gout, sleep apnea, among others. The lack of physical exercises and poor diet, with excess of foods with sugar and saturated fats, over time, can lead to this state and harm the lives of men.

Andropause or Hormone Decline: The first symptoms of these diseases that Affect Men start to appear when the man reaches 40 years old, because the production of hormone starts to fall naturally. The problem leads to fatigue, erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive and even depression.

Smoking: Smoking is considered by the WorldHealth Organization (WHO) the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Cigarette smoking is one of the diseases that most affect men . Research shows that approximately 47% of the entire male population worldwide smokes. In Brazil, according to the Vigitel Survey, 17.9% of men smoke, and in this group, 5.6% smoke 20 cigarettes or more a day.

Pneumonia:  Pneumonia is one of the Diseases that Most Affect Men. Men are more likely to die from this disease, but not from biology-related issues. “In fact, mortality from in-hospital pneumonia is higher in men. But this is due to a set of risk behaviors and lifestyle habits that are, in general, more frequent in men”, confirms Nadine Monteiro.

According to a study conducted by pulmonologist Filipe Froes, from Hospital Pulido Valente, mortality from pneumonia is 10% lower in women.

Cirrhosis and Liver Problems:  Complications such as cirrhosis and other liver problems, Affect men more than women according to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) as steatosis and hepatitis are major causes of death for men throughout Brazil . Cirrhosis andother liver problems are directly related to the male lifestyle, which includes not eating correctly, in addition to heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Prostate cancer: This is one of the diseases that most affect men in Brazil. Prostate cancer isseen as a congenital (genetic) disease, but bad habits can also cause it to appear.

Diseases that most affect men

Urinary Incontinence:  As reported above, urinary problems are what most affect men . Urinary Incontinence This is a common problem in the elderly, but it can also happen to men who have had cancer surgery. The ideal is to prevent and this is only possible by making an annual consultation after the age of 45.

10 Diseases That Most Affect Men Varicocele: Variocele is among the Diseases that Most Affect Men.   It is very similar to varicose veins, that is, a dilatation of the veins, but in this case, of the veins of the testis . In addition to a lot of pain, the problem can cause infertility and to cure it only with surgery.

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