2 Main diseases caused in public restrooms!

The main diseases caused in public restrooms are much more common than you can imagine so you should be super aware. Furthermore, public toilets, apparently clean or not, always accumulate millions of microbes, ready to attack and cause gastrointestinal diseases and all. But the real dangers are not necessarily what we believe.

Gastroenteritis is one of the most common diseases caused in public restrooms , without any doubt. The virus is present in feces, but dirt on your hands is virtually inevitable.

However, even without closing the toilet lid, these microbial materials rise up to 25 centimeters above the toilet. As a result, the virus can also be found on the flush button, on the walls, on the toilet seat and in other places, depending on how the bathroom is organized.

Can sexually transmitted diseases in public restrooms?

The possibility of contracting an STD among the main diseases caused in public restrooms  is an anxiety for some people. One can imagine due to contact with the toilet seat. While it is theoretically possible, studies that have been conducted have never been able to prove a case. And if there is a possibility, it is, in any case, extremely rare.

Allergies in public restrooms:

An allergy can be contracted from the toilet seat, on the other hand, no one thinks about it. But there is such a possibility. Contact dermatitis can be contracted through certain plastics (polyurethane) or exotic woods.

Take care! Do not go to public restrooms if you are very sick:

Anyway, let’s end with a warning. If going to a public restroom isn’t always a pleasant experience, it’s not a reason to limit yourself to excess. In fact, not having a bowel movement when the need arises can lead to painful constipation .

And when it comes to urinating, or at least emptying your bladder a little (this is often the case for women who try to urinate without touching the toilet) it is a known cause of urinary tract and skin infections .

So don’t be afraid of public restrooms. Or just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after going out.

How to avoid getting sick in public restrooms?

Fortunately, it is always possible to get rid of viruses before they make us sick. It’s even quite simple, you have to wash your hands. At least twenty seconds, under running water and soap.

Other recommendations:

  • Avoid touching the toilet seat (cover it with toilet paper before using it, but above all without touching it with your hands).
  • Dry your hands as much as possible with a disposable paper towel. If you only have one reusable towel, let your hands air dry.
  • Avoid touching really dirty surfaces, like the glass or door handles. Use toilet paper to insulate your hands.

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