The 10 Different Ways to Eat Sweet Potatoes!

In the 10 Different Ways to Consume Sweet Potatoes  you will know how to use them in different recipes and make them healthy! In addition, Sweet Potato is a food that is present on many Brazilian tables because it is an ally for a healthier life and diet.In addition, it is also quite versatile and can be used in different ways and in different preparations in the kitchen. We separate some of them for you to add to your menu, as well as tips from nutritionists. So, check out The 10 Different Ways to Eat Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potato Omelet:  Can be prepared with Sweet Potato , Onion , Eggs and Light Fresh Cheese to make the recipe tastier and healthier. Just seal the Sweet Potato and Onion in a frying pan, mix in a bowl with the eggs beaten with salt and pepper and then put it in the oven with Cheese spread on top. Simple and quick to do!

Nutritionist Tip: for the recipe to be even better, use 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites. That way you’ll look more like a diet. It is a high-protein recipe, with plenty of protein and the low glycemic carbohydrate of Sweet Potato , in addition to low fat. It serves to restore energy and increase lean mass.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi:  A different option that can be made with Sweet Potatoes , oat bran, gluten-free flour and seasoned with salt and white pepper. The preparation method is very practical. Just cook the Sweet Potatoes , mash them and mix them with the other ingredients. Then, just prepare as normal gnocchi, cooking in a pan with water.

Nutritionist tip:  it’s pretty cool for diabetics, because, in addition to the low glycemic index carbohydrate, it’s still rich in fiber . This allows glucose to be absorbed more slowly by the body, avoiding glycemic spikes. But it is important to consume in moderation.

Other Ways to Prepare Sweet Potatoes:  Because it is a simple food, Sweet Potatoes can be used in several recipes. Check out some more ideas for using them on the menu:

  • Breads
  • Soup
  • purees
  • puddings
  • Brownies
  • cakes

Sweet Potato Escondidinho:  Simply puree the preparation with the  Sweet Potatoes , light ricotta cream and skimmed milk. The rest of the recipe can be whatever you prefer, but remember to always opt for healthier ingredients.

Nutritionist Tip:  As with gnocchi, the use of Sweet Potatoes in this recipe is good for those who have Diabetes , as it avoids blood glucose spikes in the body.

Sweet Potato Chips:  It is one of the most unusual ways to consume Sweet Potato . Take and cut them into thin and uniform slices, season with salt and olive oil , microwave on an absorbent paper and then in the oven until they are golden and dry.

Nutritionist tip:  it is good for snacks, as it has low glycemic index carbohydrates and little fat (it has the good fat of Olive Oil ). It’s also great for after training to replenish energy.

Sweet Potato Na Pie:  A slightly more elaborate recipe, but it can help with the desire to eat sweets. The dough can be made with whole wheat flour, olive oil , brown sugar and ice water. As for the filling, beat the Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar, light cream cheese, a pinch of salt, eggs and brandy. Then just cover with snow whites made with brown sugar, honey and vanilla essence, spread walnuts on top and put it in the oven.

Nutritionist Tip: It ‘s a healthy way to consume Sweet Potato , but you have to be in moderation. Healthy doesn’t necessarily have to be low-calorie. For fuller fiber (which minimizes the impact of sugar and honey), remember to use whole-wheat flour.

Attention in the preparation: To preserve the benefits of Sweet Potato it is interesting to choose the roasted or cooked versions, as it helps in digestion – reducing problems such as Gas and discomfort – and in the absorption of its nutrients. So, get away from the traditional fried and sweet versions.

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