Cabbage to cleanse the intestines and detoxify the liver!

Cabbage to cleanse the intestines and detoxify the liver  works, because there are foods that can help us in our health. To prevent and fight certain diseases that, little by little, end up harming a good part of the body, and this is a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that benefit us a lot.

Either by eliminating stomach ailments or attacking general physical problems. It is important to take into account that most natural remedies can benefit us and we will talk about a cabbage-based natural remedy to fight different diseases.

Cabbage Juice to Detox the Liver:


  • A cup of water;
  • Half cabbage;
  • A spoon of aloe glass;
  • Half grated ginger;
  • A handful of mint leaves.

Preparation mode:

  • Put all these ingredients in your blender and let it beat for 5 to 10 minutes, so that they are unified and obtain a homogeneous substance.
  • When you have finished liquefying everything, strain the liquid so that the residues or lumps are eliminated, pour the remedy into a glass and drink it immediately.
  • It is necessary that you take this drink on an empty stomach in order for your stomach to clear the intestines .
  • Assimile and its properties can fight all the microorganisms we ingest through the food we eat daily.

Cabbage is known to be rich in fiber , B vitamins, vitamin C , vitamin E , and vitamin K , the latter is what makes it really special because it is responsible for fighting stomach ulcers. This vegetable also contains magnesium, iodine, calcium , iron , sulfur, chlorine and selenium. Each of these components makes cabbage the perfect food to eradicate the following diseases:


As mentioned earlier, cabbage is rich in vitamin U. A meninic acid that strengthens the walls of the stomach, regenerating tissues and, in turn, improving the condition of the intestines to cleanse the intestines .

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol:

Cabbage contains large amounts of omega 3 , this is great because the fatty acids significantly reduce the high percentage of cholesterol , triglycerides and blood pressure, providing better heart health.

Toxin Accumulation:

This food has antioxidants that, when entering our body, are responsible for eliminating all toxins and microorganisms that can generate any type of disease in our body, whether in the short, medium or long term to clean the intestines .


The anti-inflammatory and selenium properties found in the composition of cabbage make both arthritis and any pain present in the body to be eradicated as quickly as possible. Muscle, joint, bone and any organ discomfort in the body will disappear once cabbage juice is consumed constantly to cleanse the intestines .


Thanks to fiber , digestion and metabolism speed up, making you lose weight in a few lapses of time, but it also provides energy so you can tone it up through exercise and skin .

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