Detox juices are drinks that contain components that favor liver cleansing, enhancing the elimination of toxins that overload your body.

It is worth remembering that such juices should not be sweetened with sugar, otherwise the slimming properties will certainly not be worth it! The tip is to avoid even sweeteners, feeling the natural flavor of food, always including a fruit that gives a sweeter flavor to the juice, or using coconut water, for example.

Juices are named after the liver’s detoxifying action, hence the name given to juices. Thus, when cleaning our body, substances are eliminated through urine.

Toxins that interfere with the normal functioning of the body will be eliminated through liver cleansing – it’s the “detox” process! The advantages are extensive, but know that using detox juice in your diet is synonymous with well-being, weight loss and, above all, health! Check out our index below all detox juices ↓↓: