Definitely Eliminate Varicose Veins With This Homemade Recipe

Definitely Eliminate Varicose Veins With This Homemade Recipe. Also, nowadays, there are many people who have difficulties and in some cases they reach the point of being unable to walk. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that swell and rise to the surface of the skin. They can be a blue or dark purple and appear to be twisted. Varicose veins are commonly found on the back of calves or on the inside of the leg. They develop when the venous valves that allow blood to flow to the heart stop working properly. As a result, blood gets trapped in the veins and dilates.This condition mainly affects the veins, causes cosmetic damage, limited to wearing clothes, where the affected area is not exposed, (legs). In this article, we present the solution to this problem.

Solution to restore the beauty of your legs, but above all to get your venous back to normal.



  • Making this remedy is quite easy, it just involves adding aloe vera vera pulp and carrots in a blender.
  • During the process of adding apple cider vinegar .
  • It should not stirring until a homogeneous preparation.


  • The mixture to apply to the affected area of ​​the legs
  • Place your legs in an elevated position for a period of 30 minutes.
  • After the 30 minute period has passed, remove the remedy with cold water.
  • You can use this mixture for several times a day but if you can’t do it you should do it everyday so you get very fast results.

Recommendations to prevent varicose veins:

  • Walking, biking, yoga classes. You should do these exercises for 30 minutes a day.
  • It is very important that women don’t wear tight clothes, instead you should wear special items to produce a pressure on the waist, which helps in correct blood circulation.
  • You should monitor your weight, because if you are overweight, this results in a greater load on your ankles and knees, producing varicose veins.
  • Sleep without supporting one leg over the other, because the pressure injures the subcutaneous tissue and stops the blood irritation.
  • Try putting pillows on your feet to sleep with your legs a little elevated.
  • Sleep well

To enjoy beautiful healthy legs, just use this remedy.

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