21 models of decorated nails for brides!

These are the best models of decorated nails for brides for you to rock your wedding , as these are a trend that cannot be missed on the most important day of your life, so it is necessary to carefully choose different colors and styles for you to feel good.

When the bride is about to get married, she has her bridal day at a beauty salon where she receives all the care and treatments necessary to look even more beautiful for the most dreamed day of her lives.

Knowing that she will be in the spotlight, the bride seeks to be perfect with a look consisting of a beautiful wedding dress, shoes, hairstyle , makeup and matching nails .

The fashion of decorated nails for brides is a trend, given that, it is natural that brides also want to use this fashion icon on this very special date. Generally, brides choose to do their nails in lighter tones, some choose to do the traditional francesinha , others prefer just to apply a nude nail polish and others more original give preference with reasons that remember the moment.

Nail designs for brides:

1. Nude com glitter:

Let’s agree that nude became the darling of many brides, because it is a beautiful, natural and perfect color to wear on the big day. Francesinhas accompanied by only daughters with flowers and others with glitter will be a knockout. So use your imagination, see this photo as a nude option with Glitter .

2. Flower nails for brides:

If you can’t do without flower decorations , how about making them your wedding day? Look at the models of nails with flowers for wedding that we have separated for you.

3. Decorated red nails:

For brides who like darker colors, red is an alternative, as it enhances the beauty of their hands , and with a beautiful design, their nails will be super beautiful.

4. Stickers:

Decorated nail stickers for brides are true works of art and in the market you can find many options for women who are going to get married.

5. Stylish Frenchie:

Lace enamel is a trend for brides  which many brides always use and do not give up, create trends and change to create different styles more without leaving the taste of customers.

6. Drawings of the bride and groom:

Very original design, which simulates the wedding and groom’s dresses on nails. Many brides have opted for these models  to highlight this day of great joy, choose light tones and draw on two fingers something that refers to the bride and groom’s clothes.

7. Metallic colors :

If you want to innovate use metallic colors on your glitter nails in a special way on your wedding day, choosing a metallic shade also sets the trend and can also be combined with any white dress.

8. Glitter:

In this design, we can see how glitter is a highly recommended option, you can play around with colors and mix it with glitter of weak colors to not highlight too much, and what you can do is choose to paint only the tips of the nails and not the whole thing. .

9. Matte enamel:

Along with the colors and designs, we also have to talk about trends and among the different ones that come to us this year, we have to talk about how not to use matte nails, something that will also be imposed within the category, as they provide a result. elegant and so beautiful.

10. Decoration at the root:

The nails that bring details at the root are very beautiful and can be used by the most discreet brides.

11. Use of stones:

In Femininas stores for decorated nails for brides we can find different types of stones that can be used to decorate the nails of the brides. Some types are: beads, rhinestones, crystals, among others.

12. Details in blue:

Blue is a neutral color, however, for the ceremony this color can be an alternative for brides who wish to use a different tone. For your nail to look more beautiful and charming, adding gemstones to your nails is a great option .

13. Rosa:

Brides who prefer to keep a different color can bet on pink. Your nails are soft and beautiful! You can bet on ombré francesinhas for your nails decorated for brides, as they are super stylish and highlight a nail and decorate it with flowers.

14. Traditional white:

The fashionable white is not what we are used to, the one that is transparent, or more milky. White is the strongest that resembles the concealer used at school. In the 80s, white enamel was already a strong trend, but little by little it lost its excellence and became exclusivity for  decorated nails for brides.

It seems that now it comes with all the pomp and glamor to make the look even more modern. White opens up countless possibilities for new decorations, just use your creativity and let your imagination run wild.

15. Some caviar:

Choose caviar stones (as these stones are known) in the color of your choice, not forgetting that the color must match the main color of the nail.

16. Porcelain Flowers:

Little known in the fashion of decorated nails for brides , this nail is a trend that the few that are gaining their space, it is a little different but you can play with the colors and change a little from the traditional is always good. A more modern take on flowers, we love this matte floral look in matte.

17. Hearts:

It may even seem cliché, but the designs of hearts look beautiful in the decoration of decorated nails for brides.

18. Half moon style nails:

Paint half of the nail lace and the other half white. You can add glitter details to give your nail a UP. Remembering that you can also bet on other shades of nail polish.

19. Francesinha with golden stripe:

This is without a doubt the record requested for decorated nails for brides , beautiful delicate and no exaggeration, many brides choose this choice for having a traditional view of marriage.

20. Decorated Gray:

Nails painted in French gray with the tip line in white and in a black and white flower design that looks very nice with the solid gray color.

21. French nails with a shiny gold line:

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They are also a good choice for decorated nails for brides with a glittery gold line with a coat of nude nail polish on each surface and to finish on the side of the nails that stick out from the glitter glitter finger paint.

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