The 10 Dangers of Birth Control Pills

The Dangers of Birth Control Pills that you should be aware of. In addition, The  Dangers of Birth Control Pills few women do not know. Did you know that around 150 million women in the world take birth control pills ? This widespread use of birth control pills worries doctors, as many women are not aware of the serious health implications of these drugs. The Dangers of  birth control pills are often prescribed without symptom control or medical monitoring, offering risks to women.

The Dangers of Birth Control Pills Are:

  • Cancer Emergence  :
  • Hypertension:
  • Liver Diseases:
  • Varicose veins:
  • Cardiovascular diseases:
  • Thrombosis:
  • Amenorrhea – Absence of Menstruation:
  • Reduction of Sexual Desire:

Every time you ingest that little pill, you are throwing into your body a combination of hormones that will inhibit your ovulation : estrogen  and progesterone – remembering that each contraceptive pill  has a different composition, there are even options without estrogen .

Estrogen is responsible for so –  called “feminine characteristics” such as breasts and other curves, as well as preparing the uterus for reproduction. Progesterone also plays  a key role in pregnancy: it prepares the base on which the fertilized egg will safely pass, causing it to be implanted in the uterus.

Estrogen is responsible for so –  called “feminine characteristics” such as breasts and other curves, as well as preparing the uterus for reproduction.
Progesterone also plays  a key role in pregnancy, it prepares the base on which the fertilized egg will safely pass, causing it to be implanted in the uterus. So, check out  The 10 Dangers of Birth Control Pills.

How Contraceptives Work:  Normally the body ovulates once a month with the ripening of a new egg that will travel through the fallopian  tube. This eventually reaches the uterus, where it would implant if fertilized. If not fertilized by a sperm, the lining of the uterus built up in preparation for the fertilized egg is unnecessary. Both the egg and uterine lining leave your body, clearing your system and getting ready for a new month .

Cancer: Some cancers have hormone receptors, meaning they can develop according to hormone levels. Thus, the use of the contraceptive pill  can worsen this situation. Glaucoma:  Research has shown that using  birth control pills for more than three years doubles the risk of developing glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve and is a leading cause of irreversible blindness. By analyzing data from more than 3,000 women, the researchers noticed that low estrogen levels  at an advanced age can cause glaucoma in women. Thus, with the prolonged use of Birth Control Pills  and the consequent reduction of estrogenin the body, the chances of having the disease increase.

Hypertension:   Hypertension and birth control pills  may not be a good combination: if you suffer from this disease, you need to seek medical help and undergo tests before using the drug. The risks are similar to the previous topic: stroke, thrombosis and other problems related to blood vessels.

Liver Diseases:  Those who suffer from liver diseases, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, need to leave the contraceptive pill  aside, as the drug will be processed in the organ, which can cause overload.

Varicose veins:  If varicose veins are caused by poor blood circulation, it is not surprising to associate the dangers of the  contraceptive pill . is not a good option.

Cardiovascular Diseases:  If you use birth control pills and are a smoker, you need to be aware: cigarette substances favor the accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries, and birth control pills  can cause blood clotting. This dangerous combination can be responsible for thrombosis , stroke or heart attack .

Thrombosis: This problem occurs when a blood clot forms that blocks the flow of blood in one or more veins. The clot can stay in one place, causing swelling and pain, or move around and cause an embolism. Cerebral thrombosis, which is a type of cerebrovascular accident (CVA), can lead to death or cause several serious sequelae, such as paralysis, blindness and speech difficulties. As contraceptive pills  favor the formation of clots, women who suffer from the problem or have cases in the family should avoid using the drug.

Amenorrhea – Absence of Menstruation:  Amenorrhea is the name given to the absence of menstruation. Amenorrhea in women using birth control pills . may or may not be intentional. In the forms of continuous use of contraceptives, without intervals, the absence of menstruation is an expected and programmed fact. However, amenorrhea can also appear in women who use birth control pills . classics, those with a 4 or 7 day break at the end of each pack. In this situation, the absence of menstruation is not something to be expected, as the pause is precisely for the hormone levels to drop and menstruation to descend normally.

Sexual Desire Reduction: This is another controversial topic from the Dangers of the Birth Control Pill . Popularly, there is a belief that the use of the contraceptive pill  causes a reduction in libido in women. However, the results of the studies are contradictory, because while some studies show a decrease in sexual desire, others showed an increase in libido and in the frequency of sexual acts between the houses.

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