The 7 Damage Caused by Sitting Too Long

The damage caused by sitting too long can be very harmful to health. In addition, spending much of our time sitting is so common that few people reflect on the negative effects that the act can have on health. And the problem is not just for the spine, although this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the issue.

By doing a quick research on the subject, you will realize that the scientific community has already associated the act of sitting for a long time with heart and circulatory problems, an increase in the incidence of heart attacks, diabetes and even a decrease in life span.

If, even with this information, you thought that the matter is not so serious, do the math. Eight hours a day sitting in the office, plus the time you spend driving, on the bus, or on the subway going to and from home, plus the hours sitting on the couch or using the computer, all together is a lot more than your grandparents used to spend. sitting and it’s a lot more than experts believe we should be doing. So, check out  The 7 Damages Caused by Sitting Too Long.

Chronic Illness :  Chronic illness is one of the  damage caused by sitting too long. A survey of 63,048 middle-aged men showed that those who sat for four hours or more were more likely to develop chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Those who sat for at least 6 hours were even more likely to develop diabetes.

Reduction in Life Expectancy:  To give you an idea, by reducing sitting time by three hours a day, life expectancy can increase by two years. A study published last year reveals that decreasing the time on the couch in front of the TV to less than two hours a day gives people 1.4 more years.

Kidney Disease:  Another Damage Caused by Sitting Too Long  and Having Kidney Problems. In addition, research reveals that the less time you sit, the less chance you have of developing kidney disease, especially in women. In those who managed to reduce their sitting time to just 3 hours a day, their risk of kidney disease was reduced by 30%.

Fragile Mental Health:  According to self-assessments by more than 3,500 people, most of them associated the time spent sitting outside of work with negative activities for the development of mental health.

Metabolic Syndrome: One of the biggest  damages caused by sitting too long  is metabolic syndrome. Obese people sit 2 and a half hours longer than others. The shorter the time spent sitting, the lower the chances of developing metabolic syndrome, a combination of factors involving cholesterol , pressure and triglycerides.

Collateral Cancer: Colorectal cancer is the worst  Harm Caused by Sitting Too Long. According to the “Journal of Clinical Oncology”, a study carried out with people diagnosed with cancer indicated that those who were less still, reduced their risk of life by 8%.

Death:  A study released in March this year in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” analyzed more than 200,000 middle-aged Australians and showed that people who sat more than 11 hours a day had a more than 40% risk of dying in three years. For those who exercised at least 5 hours a week, the risk is much lower.

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