Cysticercosis – What is it, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments!

Cysticercosis – What it is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments that many are still unaware of. In addition, Cysticercosis is a disease caused by the eggs of the flatworm Taenia Solium and occurs when a person ingests food or water contaminated by them. Three days after ingesting the eggs, they turn into larvae that fall into the bloodstream and can lodge in various parts of the body such as muscles, brain, lungs, eyes and heart.


Many people confuse cysticercosis with taeniasis, as they are caused by the same worm. But the two diseases are distinct, since Cysticercosis is caused by the ingestion of Taenia Solium eggs and, taeniasis, is caused by the presence of the adult form of Taenia Solium or Taenia Saginata in the small intestine of its host.

Main Causes:  Cysticercosis is caused by the consumption of T. Solium eggs from infected foods. Autoinfection can occur when an individual already infected with the tapeworm ends up ingesting the parasite eggs by not washing their hands properly after a bowel movement.

Risk factors:

  • Consumption of raw pork, poorly sanitized or of questionable origin.
  • Lack of hygiene in preparing meals or washing food such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Little or no care in cleaning after evacuation.

Main Symptoms:  The incubation period of cysticerci varies from 15 days to years, so often, Cysticercosis can be asymptomatic. However, when symptoms are present, which normally occur when cysticerci are dying, the initial ones are: headaches, convulsions and vomiting.

In addition to these, there are also the characteristic symptoms of Cysticercosis  that occur according to the place where the larva has lodged:

  • muscles

-Local pain;

– Swelling ;

– Inflammation ;

-Cramping or difficulty in movement.

  • Heart

– Palpitations ;

-Difficulty breathing or noisy breathing.

  • Eyes

-Depending on the location, cysticercosis can cause visual difficulties, abnormal fluid accumulation in the retina and even its displacement, and hemorrhage.

– When the egg settles in the anterior region of the eye,  Cysticercosis  can cause inflammation and when in the conjunctiva region, it can cause conjunctivitis.

– There is the possibility that the optic nerve is affected by the cysticercus, causing its atrophy and, later, leading the person to blindness.

  • Skin

– Papo, which is usually confused with a cyst because it does not cause pain.

  • Brain

– Headache ;

– Convulsions ;

– Mental confusion or coma.

How to Prevent:  To prevent, it is recommended:

  • Drinking drinking, mineral or filtered water;
  • Always wash your hands, especially before meals and after using the bathroom;
  • Prepare food well, washing it with clean or filtered water;
  • Do not fertilize the land with human feces or sewage water;
  • Do not consume food that is suspected to have been prepared in poor hygienic conditions.

In addition to these precautions to prevent cysticercosis , it is important not to irrigate the garden with river water and to give the animals clean water.


Treatments:  Treatment largely depends on the level of disease and where the  Cysticercosis  is occurring. When Cysticercosis  is a mild form, treatment in this case is done through the use of antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

When Cysticercosis is simple, treatment is fast. When  cysticercosis  is more serious, however, in case it has caused damage to the heart, brain or blindness, treatment is delicate and in many cases there is no form of care. In these cases, the treatment of Cysticercosis  is done through surgery that removes the infected area.

After infection by consuming the eggs of the larva, the incubation period varies between 15 days. Cysticercosis needs to be considered and treated immediately, although in some cases it is a simple cysticercosis in others it can lead to death or blindness.

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Note: See your doctor as soon as symptoms of Cysticercosis  appear. Rapid diagnosis is essential for effective treatment of Cysticercosis . As much as there is a lot of information about types of alternative treatment for this type of problem, following what an expert health professional recommends is vital.

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