Country beer – what it is, benefits and recipe

You’ve probably already seen this plant somewhere, cervejinha do campo , also known as tintureira and cipo-uma is an herb widely used in different situations in order to solve health problems.

What is country beer?

Cervejinha -do-campo , also known as cipó-una or tintureiro, is a medicinal plant known for its diuretic properties that help in the treatment of various diseases in the kidneys or liver .

Benefits of country beer:

Among the known medicinal properties of Cervejinha-do-campo are anti-inflammatory and depurative, although it is for its diuretic power that the plant is best known.

It is possible to take advantage of the benefits of this species not only through its tea, but also through tinctures and extracts, all of which are produced from its roots.

The country beer can be used, therefore, to treat high blood pressure, and for this problem diuretic remedies are usually prescribed, but as this herb has the same characteristic, however, in a natural way it is a good alternative, although those who are in medical treatment must continue.

The plant also combats fluid retention, as it collaborates with a greater production of urine, in order to eliminate the accumulated liquids in the body, as well as its toxins, due to its depurative effect.

Because it is a great diuretic, it also works in the treatment of kidney problems, as well as those that affect the urinary tract, such as urinary tract infection. Due to its properties, rural beer can be consumed even by those who suffer from joint pain or pain caused by kidney stones.

On account of its anti-inflammatory property, it is efficient to treat some diseases, such as leishmaniasis, an infection caused by parasites and spread by the so-called straw mosquito.

How to use:

A curiosity is about one of the names of the plant, the cervejinha do campo . This denomination was given because its tea has a yellowish color and has foam, very similar to beer .

The most common way to use the plant is drinking its tea , and its roots are available for sale in specialized places. See the country beer tea recipe .


  • 1 tablespoon of Cervejinha do Campo root ;

Preparation mode:

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This tea should be drunk when there are symptoms, especially if there is fluid retention, pain or problems in the urinary tract.

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