Cerazette contraceptive fattening? or not fattening?

Cerazette contraceptive is a contraceptive method used to prevent pregnancy many people have this doubt if Cerazette contraceptive makes you fat or not, so see here all about Cerazette contraceptive and find out if  Cerazette makes you fat  or not. Cerazette is made up of a small amount of the progestogen desogestrel ( female sex hormone ), which is why it is called a mini pill. Unlike combination pills, mini pills combine the hormone  estrogen and progestin , so it can be consumed by women who have an estrogen intolerance or who are breastfeeding.

The mini pills, or most of them, act not allowing the entry of sperm cells into the uterus , however, they do not prevent, in most cases, the maturation of the egg (main action of the combined pills), however Cerazette has a high dosage enough to allow this action, making it highly effective in contraceptive prevention and in the treatment of fibroids.

What is Cerazette contraceptive?

Cerazette is a contraceptive medicine made by the Dutch laboratory Organon. Since the 1930s, the company has been engaged in the production of sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Cerazette contraceptive has already been tested and approved by several institutes, but many people always want to know if Cerazette contraceptive makes you fat .

The efficiency of the product is high, for every 250 women who use the drug, only one will become pregnant after a year. With condoms, for example, considering the same number of women, 5 would become pregnant in the same period.

How to drink?

The Cerazette contraceptive has 28 pills in total and, if you see it, on the back (where you pierce the pills to remove the pills) there is an arrow indicating which one should be taken first.

Each tablet corresponds to a specific day of the week and its name is perfectly printed, with the initials of the day in English, for example (Sunday – Sunday).

You should pay attention and start with the pills that refer to the day you will take the pill and not take any other, that is, if you are going to start taking the pill on Tuesday, you should take the pill that refers to that day (on in which case the abbreviation TUE for Tuesday is printed.

Advantages of using cerazette?

These type of pills provide immediate protection against pregnancy if taken correctly. It provides estrogen – sensitive women with the same protection as combination pills.

The use of the product can reduce menstrual pain, studies indicate that 94% of women feel this positive effect.

What happens when you stop taking cerazette?

You can stop taking Cerazette whenever you want. From the day you stop, you are no longer protected against pregnancy.

Cerazette contraceptive fattening?

After all, contraceptive Cerazette fattening  or not? in fact, the substances contained in the composition of this contraceptive do not interfere with weight gain or loss.

When the medication directly targets this factor, the expected effect is described in its warnings, which is not the case with Cerazette.

As it is a hormonal medication, some change in metabolism , mood and behavior of the woman can occur, if from this you change your diet, increase the intake of colorias, you will naturally gain weight.

But we cannot blame the pill and say that the contraceptive Cerazette makes you fat , can we? Given these variables, it is very subjective to say that the contraceptive Cerazette makes you gain or lose weight. It does not have any component in its formula that interferes with weight gain.

How to take cerazette pills?

Take one caleta tablet every day at about the same time.
Swallow the tablet whole with water.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using cerazette?

Can you get pregnant with the mini pill? The mini pill contains one hormone (unlike combination pills which contain two different hormones) and is usually taken every day without interruption. It is just as effective in preventing pregnancy as combination pills, if taken correctly.

What are the side effects of cerazette?

It has already been said that the hormone contained in the pill does not prove that the contraceptive Cerazette makes you fat , so knowing what the possible side effects are can help you warn against other reactions.

There are reports that the pills can cause small vaginal discharges, but the side effects described here are not guaranteed to all users.

Cerazette  contraceptive gain weight? Recurrent factors not only of the intake of contraceptives, but of hormonal imbalances, it is said that Cerazette does not make you fat.

But it can contribute to acne , mood swings, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches , nausea and reduced libido. In cases of lack of control over the menstrual period, it is recommended to seek medical advice.

Possible adverse effects of cerazette:

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Bearing in mind that side effects are not rules and that usually not all symptoms occur, and that the appearance of any of these symptoms requires a visit to the doctor, we remind you that Cerazette can cause:

  • Erythema nodosum;
  • Irregular bleeding;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Acnes;
  • Exanthema;
  • Mood changes;
  • Headaches ;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • Alopecia;
  • Vaginitis ;
  • Fatigue and ovarian cysts;
  • In addition to difficulties in wearing contact lenses.

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