The 11 Complications of Hyperglycemia

The complications of hyperglycemia can be many, from the mildest to the most serious. The chronic complications of hyperglycemia (always or almost always having values ​​higher than those agreed with the health team) slowly damage the various systems and organs of the body. Complications of acute hyperglycemia arise when the values ​​are too high.

Remember, that hyperglycemia occurs when the blood sugar level is above normal. It can occur after eating certain types of meals or if you are sick. So, get to know the 11 Complications of Hyperglycemia , which include:

  • Nerve damage (neuropathy).
  • Diabetic foot – arteriopathy, neuropathy.
  • Macroangiopathy – coronary, brain and lower limb disease.
  • Kidney damage (nephropathy) or kidney failure.
  • Cardiovascular disease, such as angina, heart attacks and strokes.
  • Eye disease (retinopathy).
  • Blood lipids – blood fats.
  • foot problems caused by damaged nerves and poor blood circulation.
  • skin problems such as bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Various and persistent infections – mouth and gums, urinary tract infections, scar infections after surgery.
  • Sexual dysfunction and impotence – the former manifests itself in different ways in both sexes.

How to Prevent Hyperglycemia: To prevent the complications of Hyperglycemia you must have good blood sugar control. This test should be done daily, preferably on an empty stomach, but it can be done at any time of the day, anywhere. Having a proper diet and regular light exercise are effective ways of treating diabetes, which help to keep blood sugar levels under control, preventing the complications of Hyperglycemia is hyperglycemia itself .

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