Complete Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

The Complete Blueberry Smoothie Recipe is an excellent tip to delight in a natural and healthy way. In addition, the nutritional value of blueberries , according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standardization, boils down to fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol -free,  and high- fiber , refreshing, tonic. , astringent, diuretic and with a high percentage of Vitamin C.

In addition to hippuric acid, which is crucial in a fruit with many desirable characteristics from a nutritional point of view. In this way, the idea of ​​making a Blueberry Smoothie  is perfect to reap all the benefits of this super food.

Benefits of Blueberries for Health:  The bluish color present in blueberries , known as anthocyanin, works in favor of cellular metabolism, decreasing the action of free radicals associated with different problems, such as: aging, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s . So, check out the  Complete Blueberry Smoothie Recipe:



  • Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until a homogeneous drink is formed and enjoy the delicious blueberry smoothie .
  • Now, take and enjoy the blueberry properties .

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