Common foods that can cause cancer

Common Foods That Can Cause Cancer of All Kinds. In addition, cancer is the name given to a set of more than 100 diseases that have in common the disordered (malignant) growth of cells that invade tissues and organs, and can spread (metastasize) to other regions of the body. Dividing quickly, these cells tend to be very aggressive and uncontrollable, determining the formation of tumors (accumulation of cancer cells ) or malignant neoplasms.

On the other hand, a benign tumor simply means a localized mass of cells that multiply slowly and resemble their original tissue, rarely being life-threatening. The different types of cancer correspond to the various types of cells in the body. For example, there are several types of skin cancer because the skin is made up of more than one type of cell.

If the cancer starts in epithelial tissues such as skin or mucous membranes, it is called carcinoma. If it starts in connective tissues like bone, muscle or cartilage it is called a sarcoma. Other characteristics that differentiate the different types of cancer from each other are the speed of cell multiplication and the ability to invade neighboring or distant tissues and organs (metastases). So, check out now  The 10 Common Foods That Can Cause Cancer:

Microwave Popcorn: Microwave  popcorn is being debated about lung cancer risksaround the world. The fumes given off by the artificial flavor of butter contain a substance called diacetyl, which is toxic to humans. Make your organic popcorn the traditional way, it doesn’t release toxic gases, and it’s a healthier way. Microwave popcorn has been considered one of the worst common foods that can cause cancer .

Canned Goods: Canned goods  are the top common foods that can cause cancer . Well, the cans used for storing canned goods are coated with a product called bisphenol A (BPA), which has already been proven to genetically alter brain cells in a research carried out on mice. Almost all plastic materials, thermal paper, and even many dental components also contain BPA. Always buy fresh or frozen vegetables to take to your family’s table! They are healthier and available all year round.

Grilled Red Meat:  Behind the delicious flavor of grilled meat hides a substance that could be a serious problem in the future, scientists have discovered that when preparing grilled meat, processed meats, even hot dogs, this process releases a carcinogen with name of heterocyclic aromatic amines. When grilling red meat, this process changes the entire chemical and molecular structure of the meat. Prepare your meat in a skillet, not on the grill. That’s why grilled red meat was included in the Common Foods That Can Cause Cancer .

Genetically Modified Foods:  Currently, refined sugars (and foods made with them) are primarily responsible for fueling the growth of cancer cells . Always use brown sugar, avoid industrialized refined foods. Genetically Modified Foods has been considered one of the worst Common Foods that Can Cause Cancer .

Refined Sugar:  Currently, refined sugars (and foods made with them) are primarily responsible for fueling the growth of cancer cells . Always use brown sugar, avoid industrialized refined foods.

Salted, Pickled, and Smoked Snacks:  Salted, pickled, and smoked snacks are the top Common Foods That Can Cause Cancer . Well, the preservatives used in these foods like nitrates, which are meant to prolong the shelf life of both, and additives used in most processed foods can build up in your body over the years. In an indefinite time, these toxins can affect your cellular level and lead to diseases such as cancer .

Soft Drinks and Carbonated Drinks:  Soft drinks have been one of the most controversial foods about their possible health harm and one of the cancer -causing foods . Because they contain high levels of fructose, dyes, and a host of other chemical ingredients, sodas are generally very bad for your health. One of the functions of soda is to rob your body of nutrients from other foods you’ve eaten.

Refined White Flour:  When carrying out the process of refining the flour, all the nutritional value of the same is removed. They are usually bleached with chlorine gas to improve their visual appearance and make them more attractive to consumers. Refined flours and sugars are the preferred fuel sources for cancer .

Farmed Fish:  The practice of commercial fish farming is strongly related to raising an incredible number of fish (such as salmon) in small, overcrowded spaces. By putting so many fish in a small space, it causes the emergence of bacterial, viral and parasitic outbreaks.

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Hence arises the need to be treated with pesticides, antibiotics and various other carcinogenic chemicals and all these are carcinogens . Farmed fish also don’t have as much omega-3 as wild salmon. Farmed fish has been considered one of the worst common foods that can cause cancer .

 Hydrogenated  Oils : Currently vegetable oils are chemically treated and extracted from their source, in addition many other chemical products are added so that they can modify the smell and taste of the product. All these oils are packed with unhealthy and all the chemical ingredients added during can change the structure of our cell membranes.

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