Cod Liver Oil Capsules – What is it for? How to use!

Cod liver oil in capsules is a product that many people consume assiduously, however, although it is beneficial for our body, it is important to know what its possible contraindications are.

This oil is rich in nutrients, contains many substances that make our body healthy and can successfully fight certain diseases. Let’s check out what these wonderful nutrients are and why cod liver oil  has become so popular, although we emphasize its side effects to have all the information and not put our health at risk.

What is Cod Liver Oil Capsules ?

Cod Liver Oil Capsules are a necessary nutritional supplement to serve a number of purposes. Its biggest advantage is the amount of omega 3 fatty acid contained in the oil, which can benefit your body in many ways, whether it’s trying to reduce your risk of heart disease or helping to treat depression .

It has a spicier fishy flavor than regular fish oil capsules, but it also contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin D. This oil is often taken in capsule form to minimize the strong taste and make the supplement easier to consume.

Properties of Cod Liver Oil Capsules :

Its high content of essential fatty acids, Vitamin A  and Vitamin D , give it great qualities for the treatment and prevention of colds, coughs and all diseases of the respiratory system. Also, it can serve as a treatment for acne and keep bones and teeth strong.

These components translate into ideal and highly recommended benefits.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil Capsules :

As we have already anticipated, the properties it has make it very healthy. We inform you how these components are transformed and how this results in benefits.

The essential fatty acids it has, such as omega 3 , are necessary so that the body does not become degenerative. The selling point of this oil is that, in addition to the fatty acid component, it also provides Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

1. Omega 3:

  1. Improves vision .
  2. Prevents Depression .
  3. It improves our nervous system.
  4. Prevents postpartum depression .
  5. It helps babies’ full brain development.
  6. Reduces Arthritis .
  7. Reduces inflammation in the body.
  8. Improves cardiovascular health
  9. It helps to study as it will improve our concentration.
  10. Reduces the occurrence of breast cancer or prostate cancer.

2. Vitamin A:

  1. It is essential to maintain good vision.
  2. Improves the immune system .
  3. It is an essential vitamin for bone growth.
  4. Improves the functions of the ovaries and testes.
  5. It helps to improve the condition of the dermis and mucous membranes.

3. Vitamin D:

  1. It can prevent certain types of cancer such as Prostate , Ovarian or Breast Cancer .
  2. This prevents us from suffering from schizophrenia or depression .
  3. Improves the state of osteoporosis .
  4. Cure Psoriasis .
  5. It can reduce diabetes by 50%.

4. Improves joint function:

Concentrated levels of Vitamin D promote healthy bone and muscle structure, function and maintenance.

5. Improves brain function:

Often referred to as “brain food,” omega-3 fatty acids promote normal brain function and mental health.

6. Promotes eye health:

DHA and Vitamin A are essential for the production of healthy cells in the eyes.

7. Strengthens the immune system:

Vitamins A and D help strengthen the immune system and can help reduce the risk of infection.

8. For the skin:

Vitamins A and D are essential for the skin’s renewal process and promote healthy skin.

Advantages of Cod Liver Oil :

Cod liver oil in capsules is famous for its nutritional values. In addition, it provides a large amount of Vitamin A and D for our body, is also a source of omega 3 fatty acids , has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents heart disease among a long series of health and beneficial health properties. Cod liver oil in capsules is the greatest source of vitamin D after the sun.

How to take cod liver oil :

Take 1 or 2 capsules of cod liver oil once or twice a day, depending on your size. Different capsules can be different sizes depending on the manufacturer, but most of them are about the equivalent of a teaspoon of liquid and should be taken twice a day.

Drink a small amount of water with the Cod Liver Oil Capsule to facilitate the digestion of proteins and lipids in the oil.

Take a vitamin E supplement, about 400 mg a day. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help alleviate some of the oxidative stress generated in your body by consuming cod liver oil .

Why should we take cod liver oil ?

A deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids in your body produces inflammation, which in turn leads to many diseases, from Depression and Anxiety to cancer.

Taking cod liver oil capsules rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins is a way to reduce inflammation and promote the proportion of fatty acids that keep us healthy.

The deficiency in consumption of the natural form of omega 3 occurs because we are currently fed processed foods, fast foods or fried foods, which contain refined vegetable oils.

This type of diet does not provide us with the daily needs of omega 3 fatty acids , vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need for proper functioning.


We always say that no matter how beneficial a product is, if we abuse it, it can be counterproductive and cause some health problems.

It can cause loss of appetite and vomiting. Irritating gastrointestinal effects such as gas, indigestion, loose stools or diarrhea . In addition, it can cause bloating and abdominal pain. On the other hand, it can also give us bad breath or a constant fishy taste.

High doses of cod liver oil in capsules can increase bleeding, blood pressure, or cholesterol. This makes the blood’s ability to clot less, so there’s more risk of excessive bleeding. On the other hand, large doses increase the risk of raising LDL levels, the bad cholesterol.

Prolonged use can interfere with the nutritional properties of the vitamins you have and those found in other foods. For example, it can cause Vitamin E deficiency due to a toxicity issue.

In high doses it can modify the immune function, decrease the capacity of the immune system. People who are immunodeficient or living with HIV/AIDS need to pay special attention to this side effect.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, ask your doctor as this can interfere with your fertility.

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