Grapefruit drink to cleanse the liver at home!

Grapefruit drink to cleanse the liver at home works as it is one of the most important organs in our body as it fulfills vital functions.

This organ is responsible for detoxification , metabolism regulation, blood purification, plasma protein synthesis , absorption and storage of vitamins, among others.

There are many factors and habits that jeopardize the health of this important organ and as a consequence affect our health in general. It is important to be alert to any liver disease, as it can become something serious and difficult to control.

The liver  ‘s health can be at constant risk if we don’t pay the necessary attention, as many of the habits we have can be harmful to it. Now that you know the importance of this organ, see in detail the home remedies to clean it naturally:

Grapefruit drink to cleanse the liver at home :



  • First you must extract the juice  of both lemons and grapefruits ;
  • Also, grate the ginger and crush the garlic  to extract its juice ;
  • In the blender, place the rest of the ingredients and add the juices , ginger  and garlic ;
  • Also, beat all the ingredients very well and consume the shake before going to sleep.

Another recipe to cleanse the liver at home:



  • In addition, wash the kilo of apples very well  and without removing the skin, cut into pieces to put in the blender;
  • Add the juice of half a lemon , sugar to taste and two glasses of water ;
  • Also, mix all the ingredients very well and drink the juice .

Ready! With these 2 home remedies, you are sure to have 2 great allies to cleanse your Liver . Just follow the instructions given in this video to enjoy its benefits.

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