7 citrus fruits to lose weight in a few days!

These are the best citrus fruits to lose weight  effectively and 100% naturally as these fruits are also essential to fight and prevent various health conditions. However, today we will go into more detail about how to use citrus fruits to lose weight . Well, for all those who like citrus fruits and want to get rid of excess pounds, the right choice is to consume citrus fruits.

Since ancient times, citrus fruits and weight loss have had the epithet of nature’s health advocate, so the citrus diet is full of healthy ingredients, juicy drinks and delicious dishes. In addition to having plenty of vitamin C , ripe citrus fruits also contain beneficial organic acids, making citrus a diet suitable for all ages.

It is worth mentioning that citrus fruits to lose weight  are easy to find, you can find them in supermarkets, stores in your neighborhood, fruit fairs and other places.

Health benefits of citrus fruits:

It is known that citrus fruits to lose weight  are also effective in fighting fever , colds, headaches, they are used to strengthen the gums, against attacks of asthma, bronchitis, atherosclerosis…

So even those for whom weight loss is not the goal can adhere to this diet in order to purify the body, strengthen immunity and improve overall health. In addition, nature has given us the option to consume and enjoy the taste and aroma of these amazing fruit trees, so citrus is not only represented in the diet, but is increasingly used in cosmetics, as the main ingredients of perfumes, hair care and body care.

Detoxification through citrus fruits:

Because of the goodness that citrus fruits provide, you can make them part of your daily diet. Eating citrus fruits before going to bed is also a good way to cleanse your system. You can even drink lemon juice mixed with warm water when you wake up in the morning as another detox method.

Citrus fruits to lose weight :

1. Lemon:

Citrus fruit is excellent for cleansing the blood as well as helping to burn excess fat in the body. Also, people who suffer from heartburn can consume it because, although it is acidic, it has properties that can alkalize the acidity when it hits the stomach.

So, we recommend drinking it before breakfast, during the day, and also with meals, especially when they are fatty. In addition, lemon is one of the  most efficient citrus fruits to lose weight in the country.

2. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit is a great fruit for those who are looking to lose weight, because it helps prevent fluid retention, and also cleanses the body, taking care of the liver and dissolving fat. You can consume the whole fruit or as a natural juice. If you don’t like the bitter taste, you can sweeten it with a little stevia.

3. Tangerines:

Tangerines are excellent citrus fruits for weight loss . a substance called nobiletin, which is found only in the fruit can help in preventing the accumulation of fat in the body, accelerating the burning of fat, resulting in weight loss.

4. Orange:

The orange could not be missing from the list of citrus fruits to lose weight . That’s because it is rich in minerals, vitamin C and water that refreshes us, making it perfect in the fight against excess pounds. In addition to vitamin C , oranges are rich in calcium, potassium , magnesium and can quickly fill the body. From oranges we get up to 90ml of juice which is needed to lose weight.

5. Strawberry:

Strawberry helps with weight loss as it is rich in vitamin C and iron , being a great natural anti-inflammatory. Additionally, anthocyanin found in red fruits like strawberries is responsible for most of the fruit’s benefits. It even helps to reduce pressure thanks to procyanidin.

6. Pineapple:

Pineapple is known to contain 55 calories per 100 grams and its high percentage of carbohydrates improves the energy of individuals who consume it. In addition, the fat, protein and sodium content are almost zero, which improves the elimination of excess in the body and also improves metabolic health.

7. Pera:

Pears are one of the lowest calorie fruits. A pear has approximately a little more than 100 calories, that is, 5% of the daily amount of calories in a healthy diet. In addition, the fiber in this fruit makes us feel full and, at the same time, has a low impact on situations of weight gain or obesity, thus helping to lose weight .

How to use citrus fruits to lose weight:

Citrus fruits can be used in different ways to lose weight. Some of these fruits are used as juice, normally used just taking out the house, pies and other types of variations. Below you will see some recipes.

Juice recipes for weight loss:

1# – Lime and lemon juice:


– 1 lime;
– a slice of pineapple ;
– 1 large lemon type Tahiti;
– 400 ml of cold sparkling mineral water ;
– 1 cup of green grapes tea ;
– Crushed ice;

Preparation method:

  1. Cut the pineapple into small pieces;
  2. Peel and cut the lime and lemon ;
  3. Then put all the ingredients in the blender;
  4. Shake, strain and serve with ice cubes.

2# – Orange juice with acerola:


– 10 acerolas ;
– 1 glass of orange juice ;
– 2 ice cubes *optional.

Preparation method:

  1. Beat the ingredients in the blender or mixer and drink next;
  2. Oranges and acerola are rich in vitamin C , but this vitamin is very volatile and, therefore, this juice should be taken immediately after its preparation.

3# – Pineapple with mint:


– 3 thick slices of pineapple ;
– 1 glass of water ;
– 1 tablespoon of mint leaves ;
– 2 ice cubes *optional.

Preparation method:

  • Beat the ingredients in the blender or stir, sweeten to taste and drink next.

A certain precaution when using fruits to lose weight:

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If you take prescription drugs, check with your doctor before eating grapefruit , pomelos, and orange marmalade. Additionally, grapefruit , like the grapefruit and Seville oranges used in marmalade, deactivate some of the enzymes your body uses to process medications, according to the Mayo Clinic. The clinic reports that this can cause medications to build up to potentially dangerous levels and cause side effects.

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