Chlorophyll – food, benefits, what it is for and how to use it!

Chlorophyll has been cataloged as one of nature’s most powerful living components. In recent years, much has been said about its properties and the importance of its consumption. However, there are still many doubts about its specific action on the body and the way we are benefited by it.

In addition to participating in the photosynthesis process of plants, it is known for its wide array of potential health benefits. Integrating greater amounts of chlorophyll into the diet is associated with a whole host of benefits.

However, much of the evidence demonstrating these possible health benefits is insufficient and needs further investigation. Even so, throughout this article, we are going to find out what chlorophyll is , what it is for and its possible health benefits.

What is chlorophyll?

It is a pigment that is distinguished by giving plants their characteristic green color. This pigment plays an essential role in photosynthesis, as it allows plants to absorb light energy and obtain a large part of their nutrients .

There are two types of chlorophyll in plants: chlorophyll a and b. Both absorb light strongly in the red and blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and, conversely, are poorly absorbed in the green portion, which they reflect, producing the green hue of chlorophyll-containing tissues.

Although at first glance it may seem that it only performs its functions in the plant world, it contains vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that can benefit our body’s health.

One of the main ways to provide chlorophyll to the body is to integrate green vegetables such as spinach into our daily diet . In addition, there are other very practical ways to increase the amount of chlorophyll in our body, such as through nutritional supplements.

These supplements are available in the form of drops, tablets or capsules. The vast majority of these nutritional supplements contain chlorophyllin, a water-soluble derivative of natural chlorophyll that our bodies absorb better than its other forms.

What is it for:

In the human body, it is necessary for many peculiarities, including:

  • increases red blood cells, brings iron to organs and improves anemic conditions:
  • helps to purify the liver and brings improvement in the case of hepatitis;
  • regularizes menstruation;
  • brings improvement for diabetics and in cases of asthma ;
  • improves nasal drainage and decreases nasal drip;
  • useful for ulcerative tissues and hemorrhoids ;
  • revitalizes the vascular system in the legs and improves varicose veins;
  • improves depression due to its tonic effect;
  • promotes calcium absorption ;
  • brings relief in case of colitis , gastritis , ulcer.

Chlorophyll Characteristics:

It has a green color because it is able to absorb violet, red and blue light and reflect green. For this reason, the leaves and soft parts of the plants have their typical green color. Its chemical formula is: C55 H72 O5 N4 Mg.

Likewise, when autumn arrives, in many plants the chlorophyll breaks down and the leaves turn ocher or brown.

Types of Chlorophyll:

There are basically two types:

Chlorophyll A (C55H72O5N4Mg): This is the most common type of chlorophyll, as ¾ parts of green chlorophyll belong to this type. Figs , Tomatoes , Spinach and Stevia leaves are very rich in this type of chlorophyll .

Chlorophyll B (C55H70O6N4Mg): Less common than chlorophyll A. It occurs in plants, green algae and other organisms, such as some cyanobacteria (the chlorobacteria). Spirulina and algae are rich in this type.

The other types are less frequent, such as chlorophyll C1 and chlorophyll C2 which appear in red algae and more primitive algae. Chlorophyll D is even more unique, appearing in cyanobacteria (marine Acaryochloris) and marine algae.

Chlorophyll Benefits:

Its benefits are not only for plants, but also for us when we consume it, especially because of its similarity to our blood. Below is a list of the benefits for our health.

1. Oxygenates and Improves Blood:

Thanks to the similarity between our blood, when we consume it, it helps us to oxygenate our blood and increase the quality and quantity of our red blood cells. By improving the condition of our blood, we are immediately improving the function of our heart, as well as all the organs in the body.

2. Cleanses and Detoxifies:

It helps us to do a deep cleaning and detoxification of the blood and our body in general. Chlorophyll helps us to eliminate heavy metals like mercury and waste from the body, because it binds to them to remove them and, if you have colon problems, in addition, it is excellent for cleaning and promoting a healthy flora . healthy gut.

3. It is antioxidant:

Antioxidants help us scavenge free radicals and fight aging, as well as reduce systemic inflammation that is the cause of many diseases. As with all green pigments, one of the benefits of chlorophyll is that it has great antioxidant power.

4. Strengthens our immune system:

By keeping our bodies oxygenated, it is harder for viruses and bacteria to enter and thrive. It is due to this contribution of oxygen that it gives us that our immune system is strengthened and prepared to fight infections and diseases that are produced by bacteria, fungi and viruses that attack our body.

5. Decreases body odor:

That’s right, daily consumption of chlorophyll helps reduce fecal odor. But not only that, she is the perfect ally for people who have a bad body odor and even bad breath .

For it to help you with body odor, in addition to consuming foods rich in chlorophyll , it is necessary that you reinforce the amount you consume with your liquid supplements that you must take daily. It will not disappoint you.

6. Improves digestive system function:

One of its benefits is that it acts mainly on our digestive system, because in addition to cleaning the colon, it also cleans and protects the stomach, liver and gallbladder. For example, chlorophyll breaks down calcium oxalate stones that are generated when we have excess acid and helps to eliminate them.

7. Protects against arthritis:

Prevents bacteria that cause tissue inflammation from reproducing. Especially useful in cases of arthritis and fibromyalgia .

8. Strengthens your muscles:

It is another of the foods that have become staples in the diet of high performance athletes due to its high doses of Magnesium . Other essential nutrients in chlorophyll are calcium and vitamin D , which contribute to muscle toning and relaxation.

9. Prevents and fights anemia:

This disease is due to a low presence of red blood cells in the body: It increases the number of these due to its high iron components .

10. Satiety and weight loss:

Several independent studies have shown over the years that people (especially women) who tend to eat more chlorophyll -rich foods , have a more controlled blood sugar level, have less intense and compulsive hunger and, as a result, easier to lose and control weight.

Foods rich in chlorophyll:

To increase your supply, we can increase the consumption of all green vegetables. Starting a meal with green leafy vegetables not only helps to increase the feeling of satiety and the supply of fiber, but thanks to it, it prevents the assimilation of any harmful substances present in the food we eat. The green foods that ensure the highest intake of chlorophyll are:

How to include it in the diet:

A simple, natural and healthy way to include more of this element in our diet is to include lots of chlorophyll -rich fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Foods that naturally contain it include Wheat Grass, Spinach , Kale , Mustard , Spirulina , Parsley , Broccoli , Asparagus ,  Green Cabbage , Matcha Tea, Green Beans or  Peas , among many others.

On the other hand, there are supplements that vary widely in terms of formulation and chlorophyll concentration. Some of these supplements are applied in liquid form to be added to water and drinks, while others are marketed in the form of capsules.

These supplements are generally safe and do not appear to cause any serious side effects. However, sick people, on pharmacological treatment or pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking chlorophyll supplements .


Keep the chlorophyll supplement out of the reach of children and do not exceed the recommended daily dose. In pregnancy and lactation consult your doctor before use. Prolonged consumption can cause undesirable effects such as dark yellow coloring of the tongue, green urine and stools or, in case of excessive ingestion, diarrhea .

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