Boldo de Chile tea – How to make it, benefits and properties!

Boldo tea from Chile is one of the most popular teas in Brazil and the world. In different Brazilian regions, there are several preparations and indications of this very useful tea. Here, we will present its true properties and what benefits of chile boldo tea  can be achieved with its intake.

Boldo is a plant native to Chile, which soon gained more land across South America. The boldo tree (Peumus boldus) has spear-shaped leaves and its fruits are sweet. Boldo tea is an infusion of its leaves and branches, which bear a slight resemblance to mint, but with different actions for the body.


  1. Anti-bacterial;
  2. Anti-inflammatory ;
  3. Antioxidant ;
  4. soothing ;
  5. Digestive;
  6. diuretic ;
  7. Laxative.

In view of these properties of tea, it is possible to say that boldo can alleviate the reactions caused in the body by bacteria and fungi. The plant also acts in the fight against inflammation and biliary infection. In addition, it has the power to protect the body’s cells against the action of free radicals .

Boldo tea from Chile  has always been used in Chilean and Peruvian folk medicine to treat liver, bowel and gallbladder problems. It has medicinal properties to expel intestinal worms, cure insomnia , rheumatism , cystitis, cold, hepatitis , constipation , flatulence, poor digestion , gallstones , earaches and is considered a general tonic. It is also used for the treatment of digestive disorders, as a laxative and diuretic , for liver problems, and to increase the production of bile in the gallbladder .

Benefits of chile boldo tea:

1. Improve constipation:

As the benefits of chile boldo tea have a mild laxative effect , it can help treat cases of constipation .

2. Act against insomnia:

The benefits of chile boldo tea Contains substances with calming and sedative effects on the nervous system. Therefore, its tea is recommended to fight insomnia , stress and anxiety .

3. Acts as an anti-inflammatory:

The benefits of chile boldo tea  Decreases the production of prostaglandins, substances important for inflammatory processes. As a result, its use is also indicated for patients with rheumatism  and arthritis.

4. Fight fatigue:

The chile boldo tea  is also recommended in immersion baths, to relieve the body of fatigue, both physical and mental. Its aroma, very similar to that of mint, is a “elevator of the astral” and its scent bath can help those who are stressed, sad or depressed.

5. Combat worms:

The benefits of chile boldo tea  contains several anthelmintic substances, including one called ascaridol, which causes intestinal parasites to shed the tissue to which they are attached, in addition to having a toxic effect on worms.

How to make chile boldo tea:

Making chile boldo tea is quite simple, as long as you have access to the leaves of this South American shrub. The easiest place to find them would be at exotic import stores or health food stores, but in some parts of the world, these leaves will not be available.

  1. Bring a pan of water to boil.
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the dried (whole) boldo leaves.
  3. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cover the pan.
  4. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes.
  5. Strain the leaves and serve hot. Add honey for sweetness, if desired.

Boldo tea from chile weight loss?

The way this herb works is very interesting. It promotes the release of bile and fat-dissolving agents, thus giving the digestive tract more time to digest food by increasing intestinal transit time and causing you to lose weight.

The most important thing to remember about chile boldo tea  should be used with care by people suffering from gallstones or liver problems. Care must be taken when using it in combination with medication.

Always consult a doctor before starting to enjoy the benefits of boldo chile tea on a regular basis, and due to its strong alkaline properties, never use it for long periods of time. You can make the tea for a variety of health purposes. As with any herbal product, however, you should speak to a doctor before taking boldo chile tea .

Boldo tea from chile aborts?

Chilean boldo tea  should not be used during pregnancy or if a woman suspects she is pregnant. It can be toxic and cause uterine contractions. What favors abortion. Its effects are very abortive.

Side effects:

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There are some unpleasant side effects, including ascaridole toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, bleeding disorders, bile duct obstruction, and pregnancy complications . Some of these side effects are quite serious, so it is recommended to speak with your doctor before drinking this tea.

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