Chia Seed with Honey – Cleanse the Colon and Lose Up to 3 Kg in 7 Days

Chia Seed with Honey – Cleanse the Colon and Lose Up to 3 Kg in 7 Days . Also, when it comes to your overall health, it is crucial to maintain the health of your colon. Your nutrition and the types of foods you consume have a direct impact on how your colon works.

People who frequently consume processed and refined foods significantly worsen their liver condition .

Medical experts explain that consuming unhealthy foods, waste and toxins build up in the colon and over time can cause additional health complications.

The best way to remove the accumulated toxins in your body is to try some natural detoxification process. Our advice is to drink this natural remedy which is made up of healthy and completely natural ingredients.

Also, this mixture will help you to shed extra pounds. You can expect up to 3 Kg in Just 2 Weeks.

Honey chia seed recipe to cleanse colon and lose weight:


Preparation mode:

  • First of all wash the apple and then cut it into smaller pieces.
  • In a blender place the apple and add honey and water.
  • Mix for a few minutes until you get a homogeneous paste.
  • After that, transfer the mixture to a glass and sprinkle with the Chia seeds.

How to use:

  • Drink 1 cup of the resulting potion daily for 21 days.
  • Consume this mixture before breakfast.
  • This potent drink will cleanse your colon, help you lose weight and also regulate your metabolism.
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In addition to consuming this drink, you should exercise regularly and avoid consuming unhealthy foods.

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