Top 10 Symptoms of Cervical Cancer!

Top Cervical Cancer Symptoms that every woman needs to know. Cervical Cancer was one of the most common cancers that affected women across the world. And this continued until the 1950s, when there was widespread use of the Pap smear, a simple test that allows doctors to examine cells in the cervix, that Cervical Cancer began to decline.

Cervical cancer is an excellent example that detection and screening can save lives. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that Cervical Cancer can be difficult to detect at first – women do not experience symptoms until the problem becomes invasive and spreads to other tissues. If you’ve noticed any of the following 10 symptoms, see your doctor quickly:

Bleeding  After Sexual Intercourse: This is one of the Main Symptoms of Cervical Cancer . It is not normal to bleed after sex . If you happen to experience this problem, especially more than once, speak to your doctor right away. It could be a sign of Cervical Cancer or some kind of infection.

Bleeding After Menopause: If you have already gone through menopause, bleeding as if you were on your period is not normal. If you experience this problem, speak to your doctor immediately about it as this is one of the  Top Symptoms of Cervical Cancer.

Bleeding Between Periods: Bleeding can be a sign of a number of health problems , including one of the Top Symptoms of Cervical Cancer.  Some are easily treatable, but some are more serious. In any case, if you experience this problem, speak to your doctor.

Bleeding After Duplication: This is not normal. Talk to your doctor right away if you experience bleeding  after duplication as it can be one of the Top Symptoms of Cervical Cancer,  this can also be one of the signs that the cancer is spreading to other tissues.

Bleeding After Pelvic Exam: A pelvic exam can be a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cause you to bleed. If you experience this problem, ask your doctor to examine you further as this is a symptom of  Cervical Cancer.

Heavy Menstrual Periods: Like many symptoms, this can be tricky. Sometimes women experience heavier periods with the change of seasons, for example. But if you notice that your menstrual periods are heavier than normal, this could be one of the Top Symptoms of  Cervical Cancer , it’s something you should talk to your doctor about. They can help you identify the cause.

Periods That Last Longer Than Normal: Have you noticed that your menstrual periods last longer than usual? Talk to your doctor about your symptoms as it could be a sign of Cervical Cancer .

Unusual Vaginal Discharge: You know what is normal for you and your body. So, if you notice that your vaginal discharge is a different color, too much or with some blood, talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Pain During Sex: Pain during sex can be an indication of Cervical Cancer Top Symptoms, it  can be a sign that Cervical Cancer has spread to other tissues. If you have this, talk to your doctor about the symptoms and see how they can identify the problem.

Pelvic Pain: If you have pelvic pain , be very careful, and see a gynecologist immediately, as this is one of the Main Symptoms of Cervical Cancer. If the Cervical Cancer has spread to other areas outside the cervix. Talk to your doctor about the pain you are experiencing.

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