The 15 Main Causes of Boqueira

The main causes of Boqueira  are varied. In addition, the mouth   is an inflammatory problem that occurs in one or both corners of the lips . The affected area(s) turn red, dry and can cause a lot of irritation and pain. The Causes of Boqueiran can be external, internal or a combination of both. Boqueiran can affect anyone with a weakened immune system , as the most common causes are bacterial , viral, and fungal infections. It also depends on unhealthy lifestyle and repetitive habit.

More often than not, children who tend to drool while eating or sleeping can be affected easily. Pregnant women are more susceptible as it has many changes in the body. Reduced immunity and possible nutrient deficiencies can make the elderly easy targets. So, check out The 15 Main Causes of Boqueira:

Irritations: The skin at the corner of your lips is more sensitive than the rest of your lips . Therefore, constant wetness from saliva or external products or a reduced production of salivary enzymes can lead to irritation or allergies which are one of the Main Causes of Boqueira .

Anatomical Causes: Anatomical causes are also one of the Main Causes of Boqueira . Facial changes, abnormal pain or skeletal growth, dental appliances such as dentures, and weight loss can all cause loss of facial support and lead to mouth ulcers . These factors are common in debilitated, elderly, and malnourished individuals.

Mechanical Causes: Mechanical causes like smoking, flossing, breathing through the mouth, excessive drooling, lip licking and other similar behaviors can be Mouth Causes .

Chemical Causes: Burns, excess saliva and dental cleaning products can be hard on the skin and cause irritation, so chemical causes can be one of the main causes of mouth sores .

Allergies: When consuming substances that you are allergic to, contact with the lips can be one of the Causes of Boqueira . And if you already have an irritation, this condition helps the allergen to penetrate deeper into the area, aggravating the problem.

Infections: Bacterial , fungal and viral infections can be one of the main causes of mouth ulcer . as they worsen and often lead to other infections .

Malnutrition: Mouthwatering is one of the ways in which various nutritional deficiencies manifest. Correct diagnosis becomes very important here as deficiency can weaken the entire body. The lack of intake of vitamins and nutrients can be one of the main causes of Boqueira .

Down Syndrome  : In one study, about a quarter of the 77 participants studied with Down syndrome experienced Boqueira . Possible reasons for such a problem include a skeletal structure that results in excessive drooling, protruding tongue that leads to excess salivation, need to breathe through the mouth and Candida albicans infection . mouth .

Eating Disorders: Those who suffer from eating disorders often have excessive nutrient deficiencies and a low metabolism, low immunity that leads to infections , habits like forced vomiting and unhealthy personal hygiene are without a doubt Causes of Mouth Disease .

Crohn’s Disease: Crohn ‘s disease can affect all or any part of the gastrointestinal tract. And that includes the lips . A body with nutrient deficiencies can be one of the Main Causes of Boqueira .

Diabetes: Dryness of the oral mucosa and a burning sensation in the mouth have been commonly observed in patients with type 2 diabetes. When diabetes is not regulated along withCandida infections it can be one of the Causes of Mouth Disease .

Candidiasis: Oral Candidiasis is a Candida infection that occurs in the mouth, it is one of the Causes of Mouth Disease .

Anemia: Iron deficiency, one of the main symptoms of anemia not only makes a person more susceptible to heart problems and infections , but it can also be one of the main causes of mouth ulcers . It is more common than any other oral problem in anemic people.

Cancer : Mouthpiece has been seen in advanced stages of cancer with a likely cause of weakened immune system or dry mouth. One study also identified Candida albicans and other organisms as likely causes. That’s why Cancer is one of the Causes of Boqueira .

HIV: Candidainfection is one of the first signs of HIV, and can be one of the Main Causes of Boqueira . According to one study, about one-third to one-half of HIV-positive people experienceoral infections .

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