Top 6 Causes of Infertility!

The Main Causes of Infertility  that few know. Also,  Infertility is when you have trouble getting pregnant or getting pregnant . Fertility problems can occur in both women and men and can have many causes. So, check out The 6 Main Causes of Infertility:

What Causes:  There are many possible causes of infertility . Seeing a doctor who specializes in infertility can help you find out what is causing your fertility problems and find the best treatments for you.

Sometimes there is no known reason for infertility – this is called  unexplained infertility . Unexplained infertility can be really frustrating, but there are still treatment options you can try.

Medications:  Only a doctor can tell you which medication is most suitable for you, as well as the correct dosage and duration of treatment . Always follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter and never self-medicate.

Do not stop using the drug without consulting a doctor first, and if you take it more than once or in much larger amounts than prescribed, follow the instructions on the package insert.

Causes of Female Infertility:

  • endometriosis
  • tubal ligation
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Thick, pasty cervical mucus that makes it difficult for sperm to pass
  • Hormonal disorders that interfere with ovulation

Causes of Male Infertility:

How to Prevent:  There are some precautions that the couple can adopt to reduce the possibility of infertility  for the woman, the man and both. Check out:

  • Practice regular physical exercises and without exaggeration.
  • Have good nutrition and treat eating disorders.
  • Protect the couple from STDs.
  • Plan pregnancy before 35, which is the age when female fertility declines.
  • Observe the fertile days to take advantage of this period of greater chance of pregnancy.
  • Men should avoid clothing that is too tight, sitting for long periods of time or working in very hot places.
  • The abuse of morning after pills too
  • Take care of the health of both, doing periodic exams and treating what is necessary.

Treatments:  The main treatments  for Infertility  are those that take care of the possible causes of Infertility  in men, women or both and there are also assisted reproduction treatments .

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