Top 6 Causes of Hemorrhoids

The 6 Main Causes of Hemorrhoids that many are unaware of. Furthermore, the word “hemorrhoids” brings to mind unpleasant images of painful and also bleeding stools . Truth be told, we all have hemorrhoids; It’s part of our anatomy. Hemorrhoids are , in fact, tissue within the anal canal and perianal area. These tissues consist of blood vessels, connective tissues, and a small amount of muscle. Along with the anal sphincter, a circular muscle, hemorrhoids control bowel movements. When people say they are having hemorrhoids,they are referring to a problem where hemorrhoids become enlarged. Enlarged hemorrhoids are also called piles.

How do hemorrhoids become enlarged? Depending on the placement of the hemorrhoidal tissues , hemorrhoids are either internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids occur above the anal canal, where hemorrhoidal tissues are placed close to the anal canal . External hemorrhoids occur below the anal canal and in the skin around the anus . Hemorrhoidal thrombosis, external or internal, occurs when there is a blood clot within the hemorrhoidal tissue. A hemorrhoidal thrombosiscan lead to prolapse; Both problems are painful and can cause bleeding.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids: Rectal bleeding. Blood stains in stools and/and toilet papers after wiping. Anal pain, during or after bowel movements, anal itching and burning. Prolapse of internal hemorrhoids during bowel movements. .

Hemorrhoids and Their Causes:  Hemorrhoids aremore common than you think. At least half of the population is believed to have experienced hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. There is no cause. And susceptibility increases with age. Veins in hemorrhoidal tissuebecome distended and loose as we age. It becomes more sensitive to exertion, leading to clots, swelling, or erosion of the bleeding lining. With these of the  Main Causes  of  Hemorrhoids.

There are other causes as well; some of them are interconnected. A lack of fiber in the diet or dehydration can result in hard stools or constipation. Constipation causes you to spend more time on the toilet and also exert effort, both of which can put pressure on the hemorrhoidal tissues leading to hemorrhoids or piles. Here, we will analyze each cause in detail.

1. Straining During Constipation or Hard Stools:  Spending a lot of time on the toilet is considered to be one of the reasons for hemorrhoids. This is a scenario of constipation or hard stools that require a lot of effort to pass through the canal. A good number of people experience hemorrhoids in connection with constipation or straining. Tension can also result in the prolapse of hemorrhoid tissues that can be felt near the anus . The high anal pressurecaused by exertion can result in anal fissures, too. This can be largely avoided by consuming fibrous foods which can make stools soft and easy to pass.

2. Too Clean:  Not just constipation, diarrhea can also lead to hemorrhoids. You can imagine howloose stools can result in hemorrhoids. Cleaning the anus for too long is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. Diarrhea makes the rectal area painful, which can result in hemorrhoids. While diarrhea is treated and your bowel movements are returning to normal, cleanse carefully. You can use extra soft baby wipes to avoid “bloody” papers which are often a not-so-subtle indicator that you have hemorrhoids.

3. Obesity:  Obesity is considered one of the  main causes  of  hemorrhoids, and the main risk factors for hemorrhoids. This is attributed to increased intra-abdominal pressure, venous congestion, and chronic inflammation in the abdominal area of ​​obese patients. To avoid hemorrhoids, it is necessary to ensure that the body weight is within the limit.

4. Pregnancy and Stress During Childbirth:  Many women complain of external hemorrhoids and anal fissures after straining during childbirth. Constipation during pregnancy can also lead to hemorrhoids and therefore last longer.

5. Spinal Cord Injuries: One of the Major Causes  of  Hemorrhoids Among Long-Term Spinal Cord Injury Patients. Prolonged spinal cord injuries can affect the efficient functioning of the intestine. Constipation and diarrhea are frequent occurrences that can cause hemorrhoids. Another risk factor is the use of suppositories and enemas in case of constipation.

6. Other Causes:  Although there are not many scientific studies available, there is evidence that consider anal sex as one of the risk factors. Hemorrhoids havebeen observed among heterosexual and homosexual couples who engage in anal sex . Sportsmen as well as people who practice lifting exercises with heavy objects should be careful as this is also considered a risk factor. Being one of the  main causes  of  hemorrhoids.

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