7 main causes of dark menstruation!

The main causes of dark menstruation can cause a certain apprehension in women, especially when it occurs unexpectedly. We also usually refer to it as coffee  grounds menstruation , because of its color and consistency.

There can be many causes of dark menstruation , ranging from the simplest and most common. Like the arrival or the end of the menstrual cycle, those that demand more attention and care, which can mean something a little more serious.

In the case of dark menstruation, women identify this abnormality when a pasty substance comes out during menstruation. Dark and different from common blood, the substance can be an indication of several things, from diseases to reasons that don’t mean anything wrong with the body , such as changing the contraceptive pill.

In the case of dark menstruation  , women identify this abnormality when a pasty substance comes out during menstruation . Therefore, dark and different from common blood, the substance can be an indication of several things, from diseases to reasons that do not mean anything wrong with the body, such as changing the contraceptive pill.

Main causes of dark menstruation:

1. Morning After Pill:

If you have used the morning after pill recently. Be aware that there is a high probability that the pill is one of the causes of dark menstruation . This is because the pill has a very strong hormonal load that can cause different symptoms in the body .

2. Contraceptive change:

One of the causes of lighter dark menstruation . Therefore, and that poses no health risk is when there is a change of birth control pill. As the body  is not used to the new medicine, it is easier for a drop in progesterone levels to occur. However, when this is the cause, the problem quickly resolves itself within a few days.

3. Uterine myomatosis:

Myomatosis corresponds to nodules that form in the uterus in a benign way, being rare that they turn into malignant tumors. And it can be one of the causes of dark menstruation However, the problem is very common until the woman enters menopause , when the chances begin to reduce. Therefore, it is possible to discover this problem after doing an ultrasound, recommended by gynecologists in case of any suspicion.

4. Pregnancy:

For those who don’t want to get pregnant this is the most frightening possibility. However, it cannot be ruled out for those who have had unprotected sex recently. Therefore, when fertilization occurs, it is possible for the woman to face darkening of the blood, in addition to a small amount.

5. STDs:

There are several Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs ) that can be one of the causes of dark menstruation . Therefore, only with a consultation with the gynecologist to know if the cause. And what treatment. Also, in general, when it is STD, it is possible that there is also an odor in menstruation . The sooner it is discovered, the easier it will be to treat the disease.

6. Endometriosis:

A disease that occurs when tissue lining the uterus grows elsewhere, endometriosis can be serious and require specific treatment. Therefore, this disease has its causes directly linked to menstruation , which makes the woman more likely to develop this problem in each cycle.

7. Contraceptive:

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One of the causes of dark and small amount of menstruation. It is very common in women who use birth control pills. Being artificial hormones, hormonal contraceptives can have as a side effect the inability to correctly stimulate the material that menstruates (endometrium) e. Therefore, with this, to make the woman have a period in small amounts and for a few days.

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