Top 6 Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men

The Main Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men that we should all know. Breast  enlargement in men is a disorder that occurs, most often at puberty, which is characterized by the enlargement of the breasts, which can happen due to excess mammary gland tissue, excess weight or even disease. But in addition to these causes, there are some habits that also stimulate the growth of breasts in men , which may be related to the production of estrogen in the body.

So, if you don’t want to have big breasts, pay attention to our list with the explanations behind the causes of breast enlargement in men : So, check out  The 6 Main Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men

Use of Anabolic Steroids:  This is one of the Main Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men. Also, taking anabolic steroids to build muscle can have a side effect of making your breasts bigger. It’s just that when the steroid arrives in the body with its huge amounts of testosterone , the body converts them into estrogen.

Getting fat:  Weight gain can make a man more bloated, but it also causes the percentage of muscle and fat in his body to be completely out of proportion. When the presence of fatty tissues is excessive in the body, what happens is a higher production of estrogen (female hormone) than androgen (male hormone), which will possibly result in male breast enlargement.

As a result, they may develop breasts the moment they stop eating or after returning to a proper diet.

Medications:  One of the Major Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men. In addition, a quarter of cases of breast enlargement in men are linked to the use of medication. Among the drugs that cause this effect because they have high levels of estrogens, androgens that can be turned into estrogen or estrogen-like substances are amphetamines, antidepressants, blood pressure drugs and antibiotics.

So before taking any of these types of medications, it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor if they can cause gynecomastia, especially if you already have one of these risk factors.

Cigarettes:  It is not news to anyone that in addition to various respiratory diseases, cigarettes also cause some types of cancer. And cancer can also stimulate the growth of breasts because of the hormones produced by it, for its benefit, which unbalance the rates of hormones in the body.

The type of cancer that is most related to the effect of breast enlargement is lung cancer.

Drug Use: Drugs are also the  Major Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men. As if that weren’t enough, all the problems that addiction to chemical substances causes a person, drugs like marijuana, heroin, amphetamines and methadone can increase the breast tissues of men. One of these indications pointed out by studies determines that marijuana works to decrease testosterone levels for up to 24 hours.

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