The 7 Main Causes of Bladder Stones

The 7 Main Causes of Bladder Stones  that we should not ignore. Also, Bladder Stones start to grow when urine is left in the bladder after urinating. This is usually due to an underlying medical condition that prevents the bladder from emptying completely when using the toilet. Sometimes only one stone will develop, in other cases a group of Bladder Stones  may form. The stones vary in shape; Some are nearly spherical, while others can be irregular shapes.

The smallest Bladder Stones in  the bladder are almost visible to the naked eye, but some can grow to impressive size. The largest Stones of the Bladder , weighed almost 4 pounds and 3 ounces and measured 17.9 x 12.7 x 9.5 centimeters. So, check out now  The 7 Main Causes of Bladder Stones:

Causes of Bladder Stones:  Conditions that prevent the bladder from emptying completely include:

Neurogenic Bladder: If the nerves that run between the bladder and the nervous system are damaged, for example in a stroke or spinal injury, the Bladder Stones  may not empty completely.

Enlargement of the Prostate:  If the prostate is enlarged, it can put pressure on the urethra and cause a disruption in the flow, leaving urine in the bladder.

Medical Devices: Bladder Stones can be caused by catheters or other medicaldevices if they travel into the bladder.

Bladder Inflammation: Urinary tract infectionsor radiation therapy can make the bladder enlarged.

Kidney Stones: Kidney stones can migrate down the ureters and if too large to pass they will remain in the bladder and can cause obstruction. Kidney Bladder Stones  are more common than Bladder Stones .

Fun  with the Bladder:  pockets can form inside the bladder . If the bags grow to a large size, they can contain urine and prevent the bladder from emptying completely.

Cystocele:  in women, the bladder wall may become weak and fall into the vagina ; This can affect the flow of urine from the bladder .

Risk Factors for Bladder Stones:

Age and Sex: Males develop bladder stones more often than females, especially as they get older.

Paralysis: People with severe spinal injuries and loss of muscle control in the pelvic region are unable to completely empty the Bladder Stones .

Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Any condition that blocks the flow of urine from the bladder to the outside world. There are a few different ways that the bladder can be blocked, the most common being anenlarged prostate .

Bladder Enlargement Surgery: A type of surgery performed to treat incontinence in women can lead to Bladder Stones stones .

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