7 tips to make a good hair hydration!

The tips to make a good hair hydration work, because they are a way to help you do this procedure the right way. Also, with the rush of everyday life, it’s not always easy to set aside time to take care of your hair. But did you know that, with a simple hair bath hydration , it is possible to leave the wires beautiful and healthy in just five minutes? Learn the best way to treat your highlights!

The  more detailed Deep Hair Hydration  with product applied strand by strand, cap and action time of 30 minutes or more are excellent for recovering dry hair that is in need of more intense care. However, in everyday life, they are not the only ones that guarantee results. Bath hydrations are the best options for those who need to take care of their locks in a practical and fast way.

But, when choosing the product to do the procedure, you have to be careful to use the fast-acting masks since the others won’t give the result they promise if they don’t act on the hair for the indicated time. The reason is simple: creams that claim to hydrate hair in just a few minutes have been specifically formulated for these instant shower treatments, and can even cause a rebound effect if left on for longer than recommended by the manufacturer.

How to make a good hair hydration? 12 Tips to Boost Hydration!

1. Use Anti-Residue Shampoo:

Moisturizing your hair at home is not just about passing the mask on the strands and then rinsing. A lot of people complain that homemade moisturizers are not as good as salon ones, and that they don’t have the same effects as one made by a professional. However, with the proper application, it is possible to leave the locks beautiful and healthy without having to schedule an appointment at the salon.

The hairdressers’ first secret is to start the treatment from the shampoo, which leaves the hair clean and ready to receive Hair Hydration . For the mask to have more effect, invest in anti-residues, which will leave the hair cuticles more open to absorb the cosmetic’s assets.

2. Remove Excess Water:

To apply hydration, you also need a special technique. Pass the product from the ear height down, avoiding the root, lock by lock, massaging the parts of the hair so that the hair fiber absorbs the active of the Hair Hydration mask .

3. Use a Heat Source:

After massaging the hair , choose a heat source, such as thermal caps, aluminum foil or a hot towel, as with the heat, the hair scales open, facilitating the penetration of the cream into the hair.

4. Make a good rinse:

After respecting the treatment time, which depends on the manufacturer and the product chosen, rinse well until all residues are removed. Rinsing well is a precious tip for those who make hydrations at home. Many women blame some products for making their hair feel heavy when the problem is actually the residue left in the strands. It’s not the cream’s fault, the mistake is not rinsing properly.

5. Massage the Threads:

Separate the strands. I repeat, separate the strands, and apply a small amount to the strands, massaging each strand with your hands. Therefore, after application, detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product evenly.

6. Utilize um Leave-in:

After applying the mask and conditioner to seal the strands, remove excess water with a towel or microfiber flannel (which is better to help with frizz), apply a leave-in that is essential both after treatment and on the day day, because, in addition to replenishing hair hydration , it protects the hair against UV rays.

7. Moisturize Hair More Often:

There is no moisturizing skin cream that can be used once a month. In the same way the hair also needs daily care. For this, the following maintenance system can be followed: moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing mask.

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