Bupropion – What it is for, Dosage and Side Effects

Bupropion – What it is for, Dosage and Side Effects. In addition,  bupropion is a drug that was initially used as an antidepressant, but which has been shown to be effective for treatments to stop smoking, as it alleviates the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. This was noticed in clinical trials, when patients who smoked began to complain that they no longer felt the urge to smoke. Bupropion has been  used for this purpose for 20 years. Then check out Bupropion – What It Is, Dosage, and Side Effects.

What Is Bupropion Used For: Bupropion is usuallygiven to patients who have a high dependence on cigarettes and who are unable to stop smoking due to withdrawal symptoms. It is common for the doctor to measure the level of dependence and indicate it for those who smoke 20 or more cigarettes or who have scored above five in a specific test, called the Fagerström Test.

Bupropion May  be helpful for smokers who also have a significant psychiatric disorder. But this is usually evaluated by a doctor, so much so that a doctor’s prescription is necessary for the use of this drug. So, check out  Bupropion – What It Is, How To Take It, and Side Effects.

How to Use Bupropion: The use of Bupropion starts with 150mg, 1 tablet a day for three days, going up to 300mg, two tablets a day from the fourth day. Remembering that the two pills cannot be taken together and there must be an interval of at least eight hours between doses. Always take  bupropion  with a glass of water, preferably right after a meal.

Bupropion Side Effects : Excessive and long-term consumption of bupropion  can result in seizures. It is not recommended to take more than 150 mg in a single dosage and never more than 450 mg per day. Stomach cramps may also occurif you consume the drug alone, without food to accompany digestion .  

The continuous use of  Bupropion  can cause insomnia , dry mouth, vomiting  and nausea. If you consume bupropion on your own and without medical advice, you may experience joint pain, sore throat, you may also experience strange tastes, dizziness, and your vision may remain blurred, as well as constipation . In case of these side effects, seek the doctor who prescribed the use of this medication.

If you use  Bupropion without medical supervision, you may also experience chest pains, fainting, irregular heartbeats, headaches , ringing in the ears and mental and mood changes such as anxiety, confusion and hallucinations; do not take  Bupropion yourself . The consumption of alcoholic beverages can increase the possibility of seizures, not forgetting the possible allergic reactions.

Contraindications of Bupropion : Bupropion is a red stripe remedy. Its commercialization is done through a prescription with two copies, one of which is retained by the pharmacy. The drug can be found under the trade names Welbutrin XL, Zetron, Zuban and Bup. The presentation is in boxes containing 10, 12, 15, 30 or 60 tablets.  

Before taking it, check that each tablet is purple, biconvex and circular. The described side effects of Bupropion  and any other unpleasant reactions during treatment should be immediately reported to the doctor.

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