3 main symptoms of breast cancer!

The main symptoms of breast cancer are many and you should be aware, as it is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. Cancer develops in the lobules or ducts of the breasts . It can also occur in fatty tissue or fibrous connective tissue within the breast.

Although most of us think that women diagnosed with breast cancer share a common experience of having a lump that didn’t exist before, which turns out to be cancerous, but according to one study, about 1 in 6 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. initially visit your doctors with a symptom other than a lump.

Yes, the lump is not the only symptom that you need to watch out for and there are still many women who think that the lump is the only symptom of breast cancer . Therefore, a woman who is experiencing a cancer symptom other than lumps is more likely to wait to see a doctor, which can put her at risk for worse outcomes in the future. Here are some of those symptoms every woman should be aware of.

Main symptoms of breast cancer:

1. Flaky skin:

Having a rough patch of skin that looks scaly. Or thicker than usual can be a warning sign of breast cancer symptoms . In some cases, the channels that run from the inside of the breast to the skin become blocked, leaving the skin around the breast to look like an orange peel.

2. Nipple changes:

Some breast cancers can lead to nipple inversion or retraction, in which the nipple turns inward. Also, it usually occurs due to a mass growing inside the breast that changes the shape of the breast. In the recent survey, 7% of women who were diagnosed with cancer reported having nipple abnormalities.

3. Nipple secretion:

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Nipple discharge, not to be confused with breast milk , is also a nipple-associated abnormality. Although most cases of nipple discharge are not cancer. But it becomes essential to visit a doctor as it is one of the symptoms especially if it is bloody and affects only one side.

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