10 healthy and hearty breakfast tips

The hearty and healthy breakfast tips you should know and put into practice today. Also, after a good night’s sleep and a long period of fasting, there’s nothing better than a full meal to start the day and get energy and energy to start daily activities, right?

Exactly! However, having a hearty breakfast , with breads, juices, cereals and fruits, is not a very common practice, either because of the rush, because of tight schedules, traffic or simply because many do not feel hungry early in the morning.

But anyone who thinks skipping breakfast is a good deal is wrong. Eating early in the morning increases the mood, speeds up our metabolism and makes us spend more calories during the day. When we run out of “fuel” in our body, it is forced to burn muscles for energy.

Plus, we end up overeating at the next meal or snacking on more junk in the morning. And those are the main causes of weight gain. So, check out now The 10 Tips for a Reinforced and Healthy Breakfast.

1. Pancakes:

Preparing a protein pancake or waffle can be all you need to start your day on the right foot and with energy to distribute.

Look for versions that take healthy and more protein ingredients to prepare that include oatmeal , almond flour or other vegetables, whey scoop or others. Serve with fresh fruit for a fit version.

2. Sesame paste: 

You might find it a little strange to eat a sesame spread first thing in the morning, but this Arabic delicacy is an excellent healthy option to eat in the morning instead of butter and other high-calorie spreads and creams. You can eat it with breads, crackers and wholemeal toast.

Guacamole, a Mexican delicacy, follows the same principle. It might be weird at first, but it’s all about starting to adapt your taste buds.

Some cultures are used to eating these foods first thing in the morning and starting the day full of energy!

3. Milk and honey: 

Want more classic than this? Simple, practical and delicious! In a small bowl, mix together a portion of milk, oatmeal and honey for a kind of delicious porridge.

The good thing is that this combination brings a lot of satiety, energy and even helps to control cholesterol and improve the functioning of the intestine.

4 eggs: 

Not adding eggs to this list of hearty, healthy breakfast ideas would almost be an insult to athletes and gym-goers looking for energy for the day. Eggs are the healthiest protein option you can consume.

Prefer to prepare them scrambled or in nutritious omelets accompanied by vegetables or greens. It’s delicious and gives you that satiety first thing in the morning!

5. Cereals: 

How about a cereal mix with natural yogurt? Chia , granola and flaxseed are some of the many options you can find in markets and health food stores.

These are foods that should be part of your daily food base, as they are rich in fiber , vitamins , fatty acids and nutrients.

In addition to eating it as a breakfast option , make it a habit to integrate it into recipes for smoothies , pies and cakes for a complete daily boost.

6. Fruits: 

It seems kind of obvious to emphasize this, but fruits are always very suitable options for a hearty and healthy breakfast to start your day. They are rich in vitamins , fiber , antioxidants and minerals.

You can choose to consume a mix of fruits with natural yogurt, chia and granola. If you prefer, make a smoothie with one or two fresh fruits. Good options are berries and bananas !

7. Wholemeal bread:

Wholemeal bread is a source of fiber , provides complex carbohydrates that prolong the feeling of satiety and help control blood sugar levels. It even has vitamins and minerals! You can eat wholemeal bread with cottage cheese, light curd, turkey breast or lean ham. What about? Consume cold or on the plate, as you prefer.

To accompany, a glass of natural juice without sugar, vitamin or a glass of plant milk can complete a hearty and healthy breakfast .

8. Jelly and banana: 

You can eat wholegrain toast, which brings more energy as it is a type of complex carbohydrate and good amounts of fiber as it is wholemeal. Eat it with some unsweetened homemade fruit jam or ricotta. To accompany, how about a banana ?

9. Vitamin: 

Fruit smoothies are great options, especially for those who don’t like to eat in the morning or prefer a quicker and more practical meal. A very tasty and protein-rich vitamin idea is the avocado, banana and whey to be that hearty and healthy breakfast for the rest of the day!

10. Crepioca: 

Crepioca is constantly prepared by athletes and people who need a boost of energy for their day! To make the crepioca dough, you only need two ingredients: egg and tapioca flour. The preparation is also simple, just mix the dough items and place in a non-stick skillet, heated over medium heat, until golden on both sides.

You can use one or more eggs or, if you prefer, use one egg and one white. Flip like a pancake and serve stuffed with a light option like ricotta and turkey breast.

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