Breakfast, Why is it so Important? Check out!

Breakfast, Why is it so Important? Check out  all about this meal that is forgotten or less appreciated by a good portion of people all over the world. In addition, an adequate breakfast , with all the characteristics of a complete meal, gives fuel to your body and gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day.So without breakfast , or with an inadequate breakfast , such as a cup of coffee , you are likely to feel down and out until lunch break.

But when you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast  , you are toning up your body with important nutrients, giving it the energy it needs to function at its best throughout the day. For example, a  breakfast  with high amounts of  fiber  and protein can keep you fuller for longer and keep you from feeling like eating those snacks during the day. This makes you stop eating empty calories, thus reducing your chance of gaining weight.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, responsible for starting the body’s metabolic functions. We spent many hours fasting at night. The body needs to replace calories lost during this period, as glucose is burned and glycogen stores are consumed, the energy source used during long periods of fasting.

What Can’t Miss in Breakfast: It’s also important to know what can’t be missed in Breakfast . We should be mindful of all macronutrients and have a meal that combines carbohydrates, proteins and good fats.

  • Carbohydrates: foods rich in this nutrient have the function of providing energy. Some examples are: cereals, cakes, breads, fruits , oats and quinoa. About breads, cakes and flours, the best options are whole grains. Avoid refined carbohydrates.
  • Proteins: also guarantee satiety and regulate blood sugar. Examples of protein-rich foods: milk  and dairy products, eggs  , meat and cold cuts.
  • Fats: will assist in the absorption of vitamins, are great for strengthening immunity and also help to satiate. They are separated into unsaturated fats, which are of plant origin and are found in açaí, avocado  and oilseeds. Already in the saturated, of animal origin, we find in eggs  , milk  and its derivatives.

Remember that the ideal meal should contain a good amount of fibers that satiate and help the body to function. In the case of cake and bread, choose their wholegrain versions, as they contain fiber  . Other examples are in fruits .

Better your Food Choices: Yes, you should eat well at Breakfast , but you don’t have to extrapolate, some foods should be avoided. Processed foods, processed meats rich in nitrates, fruits , sugary cereals, sweets Too much black coffee as they can increase anxiety.

If you want to start your day light, make healthier choices. Foods rich in fiber  that help in the functioning of the intestine ; complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato and cassava; lean proteins such as white and cottage cheese,  fruit , whole grain bread, tapioca, low- fat yogurt .

Don’t Skip This Step: Even if you don’t feel hungry or have time for that breakfast , try hard! If it can’t be enjoyed at home, let it be at work, with the right food. Start your day with a healthy Breakfast and have more energy for your activities. A good tip for those who want to lose weight, even without dieting , is to eat.

Because eating an  adequate breakfast  and with all the nutrients we need, leads us to balance the amount of food we eat during the day. And, consequently, don’t “get heavy” at lunch and dinner. But once, appeal to cereal. According to a Harvard study of 17,000 men, it was found that individuals who ate cereal for breakfast almost always weighed less than those who did not.

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