Bioplasty of the face, nose and chin – risks and benefits!

Bioplasty is widely used to add volume to the face and improve the harmony of the facial oval. It can be used on the nose, chin (dark circles and jaw) and also for other areas of the body such as buttocks. It has very good results. For this reason, it is called liquid lifting.

What is bioplasty?

Bioplasty , or ‘ third millennium plastic’, is a technique created by Dr. Almir Moojen Nácul from Porto Alegre, Brazil. The technique consists of biomodeling by filling, that is, it allows to restore, shape, correct, define or change volumes respecting the physical concepts of beauty.

Without incisions or scars, or general anesthesia, the implant or filling material at depth levels that is inoculated according to the area to be treated, which results in an excellent impression finish without incurring the risks of surgery.

Bioplasty , also known as “uncut plastic surgery”, does not require hospitalization It is an outpatient procedure that allows immediate return to work. It can be applied to both the face and the body.

The filling material is inoculated through microcannulas, which penetrate without damaging tissues, vessels and nerves; and prevents the formation of bruises. Microcannulas are specially designed instruments that replace the use of a scalpel.

The implanted material does not present a risk of rejection. During the procedure, the patient is awake, which allows him to collaborate, discuss and interact with the doctor, generating greater satisfaction with the finish.

How does bioplasty work?

Bioplasty is performed under local anesthesia through a small incision in the skin with a needle-like microcannula, but it is not painful as it does not cause damage to nerves and blood vessels.

The filling is applied with very fine micro needles and with minimal pain. After the application, which lasts about 130 minutes, the patient is allowed to return to normal activities, and it is recommended to avoid strenuous activities on the day of application.

It is important to note that with all surgical procedures, no matter how safe, a failure can occur. The patient has to be aware of what can happen, but with technology, the concern diminishes.

1. Anesthesia:

General anesthesia is not necessary. It works with local anesthesia and, as there are no cuts, the anesthesia required is small, similar to that indicated when visiting the dentist.

2. Procedure:

Depending on the area to be worked, this will be the duration of the procedure. In general terms, it is said that in the case of the face it takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and that for the body it can be an hour and a half for each area.

All procedures are performed with microcannulas, which do not require cuts, but micropunctures, performed close to the area to be treated, do not require sutures.

Types of Bioplasty:

There are different bioplasties according to the area of ​​the face in which it is performed. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Facial
  2. Nose
  3. chin and jaw
  4. dark circles
  5. Buttocks

1. Facial:

We understand the facial bioplasty that includes the restoration of volumes with biomaterials in deep layers, always avoiding toxic substances and materials to avoid rejection and possible risks.

Different materials can be used for the face, such as cross-linked hyaluronic acid which adds volume and returns some of the consistency lost with age. In addition, other materials such as botulinum toxin can be used to prevent contraction of facial muscles that frown or always mark wrinkles . Facial fillers are widely used to repair, eliminate wrinkles and correct the signs of aging.

2. Nose:

In some cases, this procedure can also be used to correct soft nasal tissue. Nose bioplasty is designed to redraw the shape of the nasal fins, improve the sunken contour or give a more rounded shape to the tip of the nose.

3. Chin:

As with other areas of the facial appearance, the chin may require some touch-ups. A chin bioplasty reshapes the facial oval and also the jaw of the person undergoing this cosmetic procedure. By injecting biopolymers and filling materials such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and other compatibles, it is possible to obtain very good results in restoring the volume and harmony of the chin.

4. Buttocks:

In the area of ​​the buttocks, it benefits from a rounded and more uniform shape. Buttock bioplasty is a non-surgical procedure to enlarge and improve the shape of each buttock. Different polymers such as Aquamid, which is polyacrylamide, hydrogel or fat augmentation can be used in this type.


  1. It is a minimally invasive method;
  2. It’s cheaper than a regular facelift;
  3. It is painless;
  4. It is a non-surgical treatment.

Expected results and risks:

The results are immediate. Patients quickly appreciate the changes in their skin, which becomes smoother and more voluminous. Regarding the risks, it is usually an uncomplicated treatment.

In general, it is considered a very safe cosmetic procedure, but whenever a material is injected into the human body there are certain risks.

All anomalies and possible side effects, as well as adverse reactions, must be supervised by the doctor to minimize the risks of a bioplasty . If you have any questions, you should consult directly with the clinic.


Using a microcannula or an ultra-fine hypodermic needle, the doctor injects the fillers deep into the dermis, just below the muscles in the area to be treated. It is a method with which, in addition to the face, other areas of the body, such as the hands, can be treated.

Care after treatment:

Bioplasty does not leave stitches or scars, so recovery is very fast and requires little care. The patient can resume his normal life after the treatment is applied.


Bioplasty is contraindicated in people with skin problems such as acne , irritation, wounds, burns, etc. Also, it is not recommended in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Bioplasty prices:

Facial bioplasty starts at 4,500.00 and, depending on each person, the materials, such as the bottles you need for each substance, can vary. Keep in mind that each person needs a different number of pre-filled vials or syringes depending on the area being treated, whether it is for the nose, chin, cheekbones, dark circles or improving the entire face structure.

Useful links: 

In Brazil prices vary between:

  1. Toda a Face – 4,500.00
  2. Nose – 1,600.00
  3. Lips – 1,200.00
  4. Nasolabial sulcus – 1,600.00
  5. Jaw – 1,400.00
  6. Malar Bone (Face Apples) – 1,500.00

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