Billings Method – What is it? how to make? how it works?

The billings method is a natural form of birth control, based on observation of cervical mucus to predict the time of ovulation and fertile period and with increased risk of pregnancy . More and more people are choosing to incorporate different alternatives, products and natural remedies into their lifestyle.

The Billings method also known as the cervical mucus method or the ovulation method can be ideal for those looking for a natural family planning solution as it is a contraceptive based on the observation of cervical mucus that allows you to predict the time of ovulation and therefore , the most fertile period and in which sexual relations should be avoided.

What is?

Also known as “ Billings Ovulation Method MOB, the Billings Method is a contraceptive method that has been studied for 50 years. This technique is often confused with the table, which can be a mistake: the Billings Method considers individual biological factors, not just counting the days of the month. In it, the woman must evaluate the changes in her natural secretion throughout the month, as these changes indicate which period of fertility they are in.

How it works:

The cervix produces cervical mucus throughout the menstrual cycle . The amount and consistency of this mucus changes over the course of the month. Most of the time, it is quite dry and sticky. As ovulation approaches, the cervix produces what is known as fertile cervical mucus. This cervical mucus is more plentiful, slippery and moist. While mucus is formed by the cervix, it can usually be felt by the vulva area as well. The Billings Method makes women aware of the dry or wet sensations of their vulva throughout the month, recording what they felt at the end of each day.

They should also pay attention to any discharge in their underwear throughout the cycle. When a woman feels an increase in the sensation of wetness and notices more cervical mucus in her underwear, she is considered more fertile in this Billings method . This would be the best time to have sex to get pregnant .

How to identify?

See how the  Billings method , in general, the evolution of vaginal mucus happens :

Pre-ovulation Phase:

After your period you will notice a pattern of drier discharge for about three days. Mucus in the Billings method  may appear shortly after the last day of menstruation , especially in women where bleeding lasts longer and the menstrual cycle is shorter.

Ovulation Stage:

in  the Billings method , the mucus, which used to be more whitish and sticky, becomes more elastic and lubricating, similar to the white of an egg. It is possible to pull it on a thread, as in the fourth image of the sequence above. This lubrication indicates the beginning of the fertile period that lasts about 4 days.

Post ovulation phase:

After these days of the post- ovulation phase in the Billings method , the feeling of dryness returns and the mucus becomes thick again. This infertility phase lasts for about two weeks. The vagina will remain that way until menstruation comes , if fertilization has not taken place.

How to make?

Many people confuse the Billings Method with the table. The table and other forms of natural contraception can be used together. Today there are already many mobile applications that make monitoring the menstrual cycle much more practical and easy.

Basically, you have to know your little body very well. In fact, this is what attracts many women: the billings method allows for an incredible insight into our own body. And this happens in three ways. The first is the perception of the vagina , which can be dry, moist (little liquid), wet (a lot of liquid) or slippery. The second is through mucus: is it liquid, creamy or elastic? Pay close attention to this part, as there may not be any visible mucus on the vulva.

In this case of the Billings method , only the observation of the sensation of the vulva is performed. During a walk, you will feel dry, wet, wet or slippery. Finally, we have the daily measurement of body temperature, which increases from 0.5 to 1°C during ovulation , which is the  Billings method.

When can the Billings method not be used?

It is important to note that the Billings method cannot be used with hormonal contraception (like the pill), because these birth control methods affect the hormones that regulate natural fertility symptoms, such as cervical mucus. When you start the Billings method , it is best to abstain from sexual intercourse as it can confuse sperm and/or seminal fluid with cervical mucus.

It is essential that you have an accurate knowledge of this natural birth method before relying on it to avoid pregnancy . The success of the Billings method largely depends on proper teaching, correct understanding, accurate observation of cervical mucus and daily charts, mutual motivation and cooperation between the couple.

Really works?

It is unclear how effective the Billings method is in preventing pregnancy , as it (and other natural family planning methods) have not been tested to the same degree as methods like the pill. To date, studies show that the Billings ovulation method appears to be 78% to 97% effective, although a large Chinese study found the method to be 99.5% effective (approximately 1 in 200 women became pregnant).

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The effectiveness of the Billings method , as with other forms of birth control, likely depends significantly on how carefully and precisely the method is followed.

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