The 8 Best Treatments to Combat Arthritis

The Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis  are ideal for treating and preventing the onset of this disease. Also, see which are the most indicated treatments in this branch against arthritis . Because physiotherapy is an ally against pain!

Known for studying the science of movement, physiotherapy is considered a very effective technique in the treatment of a number of physical problems that can develop during life. Trauma, bruises and various sequelae (due to accidents or health problems, such as stroke ) are some examples in which the technique can be applied. With rheumatic diseases it is no different!

Arthritis can also be treated with physical therapy, bringing a much better quality of life to the patient. The main goals of physical therapy in the treatment of arthritis  are: to reduce pain and discomfort; increase range of motion; prevent and stop the evolution of joint deformities; maintain and/or increase muscle strength; ensure independence in carrying out day-to-day tasks.

Below, you can find out a little more about some of the treatments offered by physiotherapy and what are their effects on the patient’s life. So, check out  the 8 Best Treatments to Fight Arthritis:

Thermotherapy:  This is the application of heat to the body for therapeutic purposes. In general, heating methods are classified into surface heat and deep heat, and there are various equipment and application forms.

Surface heat is applied by means of infrared lamps, hot water compresses and bags, paraffin baths, swirling or immersion in hot water. Deep heat can be applied by diathermy and ultrasound devices.

Thermotherapy is one of the Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis because it accelerates local metabolism, increasing the supply of oxygen, nutrients and antibodies to the affected area. In addition, it increases cell regeneration, reduces muscle retractions, increases tissue elasticity and relieves pain and discomfort.

Infrared Radiation: Infrared  radiation is among the Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis  as it consists of a superficial heat technique in which the infrared lamp is positioned at a distance of a few centimeters from the application site, a distance determined according to the area to be treated and lamp power.

Diathermy:  Diathermy is one of the Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis and is a deep heat technique that consists of raising the temperature of the tissues by passing a high frequency current and short waves in a certain region of the body. Heat is produced by the resistance of tissues to the passage of electric current. For this treatment to be done, there are basically two devices: the Short Waves and the Microwave.

Kinesiotherapy:  Technique performed through passive movements (the physical therapist performs on the client) or active (the patient performs alone, under the guidance of the professional). Kinesiotherapy exercises aim to rescue the physical qualities of the patient so that he can recover his functionality and involve stretching to improve joint amplitude, gain strength, balance, agility and coordination. Therefore, it is among the  most suitable treatments to combat arthritis.

Massage Therapy:  It is among the Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis  as it is a set of manual maneuvers with the aim of undoing tension points, reducing muscle retractions, undoing adhesions and fibrosis of various body tissues such as scars and tendons, among other objectives.
Cryotherapy:  Therapy by means of tissue cooling, with different objectives, among them, analgesia, anesthesia, anti-inflammatory and reduction of edema, therefore, it is one of the Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis . It can be applied using bags and compresses, ice massage, immersion and spray.

Electroanalgesia: Electroanalgesia,  which is among the  Most Indicated Treatments to Combat Arthritis  , consists of the use of electric current with the purpose of relieving pain. The best known analgesic current is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens).

Hydrotherapy:  It is the physiotherapeutic treatment of immersion of the body or part of it in hot water. The patient performs therapeutic exercises inside hot water pools. The main benefits are muscle relaxation, pain relief, decrease in edema, gain in joint range of motion and increase in muscle strength. Therefore, it is not for nothing that it is among the  most suitable treatments to combat arthritis.

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