Best Plants to Repel Mosquitoes!

Dealing with and repelling mosquitoes is extremely irritating, especially since there are many mosquito products that not only contain harmful chemicals but also have an unpleasant odor.

We bring you some of the plants that will help you to solve this problem, reduce health risks, avoiding mosquito bites, dengue, zika or chikungunya. So, see in detail the 5 best plants to repel mosquitoes :

What plants to repel mosquitoes?

1. Lemongrass:

Yes, “lemon grass”, due to its citrus flavor and smell, is perfect to protect you against mosquitoes. It is easy to grow and can grow smoothly in full sun or partial shade. Thanks to the fact that it grows lush and thick, it is an excellent decoration for your garden and is a repellent with a very pleasant smell.

2. Citronella:

Citronella is a very useful plant, which is why it is on our list of the best plants to repel mosquitoes . Due to its size, you can plant it in pots and, in order to repel mosquitoes, spread your citronella pots all over your garden.

3. Calendula:

The beautiful marigold flowers are excellent for repelling mosquitoes, like citronella, you can spread them around the garden to create a protective barrier. In addition, they also help protect your vegetables from other insects. When the flowers dry, store them in a container and wait until the next season.

4. Mint:

Why do mosquitoes hate the refreshing and delicious aroma of mint ? We don’t know, but it’s a fact that it’s a scent they avoid. Mint is a very hardy plant that grows quickly in the ground or in pots, to protect it, you can take some leaves and rub them on your skin.

5. Rosemary:

The herb couldn’t be missing from our list of the best plants to repel mosquitoes either . That’s because rosemary is amazing for cooking, but did you know it’s great for repelling mosquitoes too? Rosemary herb likes the Mediterranean climate, so it thrives in well-drained soil and sunlight.

It is easy to grow and does not require a lot of water . Also, if you live in a warm climate, your plant will survive the winter. Technically, rosemary is a shrub and can be quite large, so it must be cut often.

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Ready! In just a few minutes you’ve learned about the best plants to repel mosquitoes , so use them throughout your garden or home to keep mosquitoes as far away as possible.

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