The 12 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

With The Best Foods To Control Diabetes  it is possible to keep blood glucose levels stable and avoid this evil. When the hormone insulin stops being produced correctly by the pancreas, the person starts to suffer from the famous Diabetes .

In some cases, it is possible that this disease arises as a result of genetic factors, however, sometimes, habits influence its appearance. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet is a simple way to prevent the painting. So, check out  the 12 Best Foods to Control Diabetes:

Avocado: in addition to being tasty, this fruit helps in glucose metabolism, thus reducing insulin resistance.

Oats:  can be used in the most diverse preparations, the amount of fiber present in its composition helps to keep the blood glucose level stable.

Green Banana: in a simple way, it is possible to say that it is the resistant starch characteristic of this fruit that is responsible for reducing sugar levels in the body.

Sweet Potato: this version is very rich in complex carbohydrates, that is, those that are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, taking a long time to turn into sugar and, with that, stabilizing glucose levels.

Yacon Potato: rich in soluble fibers (those that absorb water and turn into a gelatinous substance that surrounds the fat and prevents its absorption) and prebiotics (non-digestible fibers that work as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria), this potato has been used in research with diabetics, since its consumption does not seem to increase the amount of sugar in the blood.

Eggplant: due to the high concentration of fibers present in the vegetable, blood sugar is absorbed more slowly, a factor that contributes to the control of glycemic levels.

Cinnamon: Including cinnamon in the diet of type 2 diabetics improves glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors associated with excess blood sugar.

Passion Fruit Flour: This ingredient has a high fiber content , so it reduces the absorption of glucose (blood sugar). The process to make passion fruit flour is simple: just soak some passion fruit in 1 liter of water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Then, rinse the fruits and remove their pulp and seeds.

Then cut the peels into thin slices and distribute them in a shape, leaving them separate from each other. Bake at 200ºC for 40 minutes, stirring twice. When the peels are dry, let them cool and blend in a blender until powdered. Then just pass the mixture through a fine sieve.

White Beans: Phaseolamine (a substance found in this food) has the ability to prevent the absorption of about 20% of the carbohydrates present in ingested foods, an advantage for the health of diabetics.

Wholegrain: Pasta, rice, bread, and many other products are most beneficial when consumed in the wholegrain version. Whole foods are healthy options for everyone, especially diabetics. That’s because the high fiber content present in these foods promotes a slower absorption of glucose, avoiding blood glucose spikes.

Quinoa: very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, this ingredient has a low glycemic index and, precisely because of this, it becomes a great food for diabetics.

Oilseeds: known to be sources of good fat, their consumption is inversely associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes. They have a low glycemic index, high fiber , magnesium, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

The Role of Insulin:  It is a hormone produced by the cells of the pancreas, being responsible for the absorption of glucose that remains in the bloodstream. When ingesting carbohydrates, they turn into glucose to provide the body with energy. However, when insulin is not released, the sugar remains in the bloodstream, harming the body. Thus, it is necessary to have the replacement of this hormone in people who have Diabetes .

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