11 Health Benefits of Structured Water!

Structured water is rich in a number of nutrients that are important to our bodies , in terms of what you need to survive, water is really at the top of the list. As you already know, water is a life-giving substance that we all must put into our bodies (almost all) daily to continue living.

Without water, extreme dehydration, particularly during the summer months, would have us dying within a few days – and definitely within a week! In some organisms, up to 90% of total body weight is made up of water, while in the human body the number is close to 60% by volume of water for the average adult. Therefore, drinking clean water daily benefits us in the following ways:

  • Acts as a crucial nutrient for building, maintaining and regenerating cells
  • Helps regulate internal body temperature
  • Allows you to sweat and perspire
  • Helps to breathe and perform breathing
  • Allows you to produce saliva and digestive enzymes
  • It helps metabolize the macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) in the food we eat and turn it into usable “fuel”.
  • Helps our muscles to contract
  • It is part of our blood that carries oxygen throughout the body
  • Helps eliminate waste and toxins through urination and bowel movements
  • Lubricates our joints and acts as a shock absorber for our major organs, including the brain, spinal cord, and heart.

What is structured water?

Structured water is “the water found in nature”. Furthermore, the theory is that water molecules structured  within our cells may have a higher level of electrical charges, in a specific order that helps our cells function.

When our cells’ water molecules are optimally charged, it can potentially affect the functioning of muscles and tissues throughout our body .

But when water is mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals, and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins – leading to high toxicity from tap water and abnormal levels of estrogen in our water – the structure changes and therefore the water loses some of its healing benefits.

  • energy levels
  • digestion and regularity
  • Enzymes that help with nutrient absorption
  • Concentration
  • muscle contractions
  • positive mood
  • Ability to sleep well
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Breathing
  • Resistance
  • Weight control
  • kidney and liver health
  •  joint health
  • Understanding the water inside your cells

To understand what the potential benefits of structured water could be , it is important to first understand how water works within our cells. Also, water is an important building block in every cell in your body . Also, the actual structure of your cells is something like a matrix that is made up of different acids (some of which are proteins).

How structured water can be “restructured”

The belief associated with structured water  is that even when water is in your body and enters your cells, it is able to restructure itself when exposed to certain energy sources. Additionally, these restructuring energy sources can include a source of heat (including the sun, earth, radiation device, or a muscle heating pad), infrared light, or even human touch.

Both strong heat on contact and ultraviolet light are capable of impacting the water within your cells, which is one of the reasons these have been natural methods of treatment for muscle or skin problems for many years.

In the case of light therapy, this treatment has benefits for the cells that make up your skin and brain – this is why some depressed patients experience reduced symptoms of depression or skin disorders when using specialized light treatments or light boxes.

“Grounding”, a practice that involves coming into direct contact with the surface of the earth by walking or lying outdoors with bare feet, can also affect the structure of our cells. So the scientific theory of grounding is that your body absorbs negative electrons from the Earth through the soles of your feet and this changes your body chemistry.

The importance of time spent outside:

Overall, we still need more research revealing the possible uses and benefits of structured water . Also, let us know more, your best bet is to spend time outdoors in the sun, including bare feet and skin touching the ground frequently; if you are a runner, try running barefoot.

The concept of structured water  may be similar to grounding theory in that it attempts to explain how exposing our bodies to nature, light and heat sources affects our health  in many positive ways.

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Time exposed to direct sunlight, without sunscreen that blocks important light waves, has many health benefits : increasing vitamin D production in the skin to prevent vitamin D deficiency , helping to restore the body ‘s natural circadian rhythms , relieving stress, boosting immune system energy and allowing you to sleep better at night.

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