11 health benefits of practicing sports!

Benefits of practicing sports for health  as a whole, from maintaining and obtaining a body within aesthetic standards, raising self-esteem, maintaining balanced metabolic rates, increasing fat burning metabolism and even helping socialization between people.

With all these benefits it is easy to understand why people say that “Sport is health”, this is a well-known and heard phrase. But are we really aware of the importance of sport? Studies show that exercising regularly has a much greater impact on our health than we realize.

No matter what your current fitness or activity level, these 12 sports truths are more than enough to add some form of exercise to your days, however dull and busy they may be.

Health benefits of sports

1. Reduce stress: 

This miracle walk will reduce your stress level and increase your body’s ability to handle mental stress by increasing the concentration of noradrenaline, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress .

2. Improve physical appearance:

This is perhaps one of the best-known benefits of playing sports . Food is our fuel. When exercising, your body needs certain nutrients and calories to support the intensity of exercise and, above all, ensure your recovery.

If you get used to exercise, you will soon realize that your body will ask for nutritious food, being a perfect combination of sport and nutrients.

3. Increase personal security:  

Physical activity is able to improve self-esteem and improve the image you have of yourself. It’s very simple. You look better and feel better too.

Regardless of weight, gender, or age, exercise can increase your perception of your own attractiveness, as well as getting in tune with your body.

4. Keep in touch with nature: 

There are many options for combining physical activity with nature: climbing, paddling, walking in the sun or running along the river. In addition, the vitamin D produced by sun exposure decreases depressive symptoms. Why lock yourself in a gym when the environment outside can do wonders for your mood?

5. Prevent cognitive impairment: 

This is perhaps one of the  benefits of practicing sports that many people do not even realize, however, it is true that it also helps in memory health.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet produce a number of chemicals in our brain that can prevent degeneration of the hippocampus (one of the most important structures in the brain for memory and learning), thus delaying cognitive impairment.

6. Promote sleep: 

Have you ever noticed how quickly kids fall asleep after a busy day at the park? The physical fatigue produced by a training session predisposes us to sleep faster and deeper, feeling more energized in the morning.

Do you want to sleep like a baby? So move!

7. Improve sex life: 

This is one of the benefits of playing sports that I’m sure you weren’t aware of. Who would have thought that playing sports could directly affect this sector of your life, huh?

Regular exercise will make you feel better and more active, as well as “lighting the spark in the bedroom” as it promotes increased libido . Among these factors are the release of testosterone , or the reduction of stress tensions, promoting a more suitable climate for triggering sexual desire .

8. Control addictions: 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released in pleasant situations. Some people develop an addiction to this stimulus produced by alcohol , drugs, sex.

However, exercise is also capable of producing dopamine, as well as being very useful in addiction recovery treatments. In that case, if you are struggling with an addiction, you can also take advantage of one more of the benefits of playing sports. 

9. Increase productivity:

Uninspired office day? The solution may be a short walk. Workers who dedicate a moment a day to exercise are more productive, more efficient and energetic than those who do not.

Starting the day with a workout is a great option.

9. Increase creativity: 

Getting your heart pumping can unleash creativity up to two hours after your workout. So the next time you need a creative injection, put on your shoes and run to refresh your body and brain at the same time.

10. Provide motivation: 

Have healthy habits in your life and see the results in your body and your state of mind. This can help us stay motivated in all aspects of our lives. In addition to the obvious benefits to our self-esteem when we set small goals and achieve them.

11. Serve as Inspiration:  

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Whether it’s a tennis match, a group class at the gym , or a short run with a friend… Most people do better when they train together. Even beginners can be inspired by more advanced athletes, challenging themselves to train harder during a gym session.

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