4 health benefits of marriage!

The benefits of marriage are quite important, because through this act, so desired by women, life can have an “Up” in a way. Because the human being has as a “rule” the function of forming a family. And the first step towards this goal is to have a stable and pleasurable relationship.

Also, arguing over finances, debating parenting methods, and arguing over who should take out the trash — sometimes the daily grind of married life can make you feel a little less enthusiastic about your spouse. However, even these points can provide a number of health benefits .

That’s right, it turns out that married people enjoy certain health advantages  over singles. Now, that doesn’t mean that getting married will automatically make you happier or healthier. But a large study of happiness suggests that relationships make it possible to find joy.

To be clear, though, the  health benefits of marriage  do not extend to people who are in unhappy, abusive, or stressful relationships.

In these cases, being single with a loving circle of friends and family is healthier than being stuck in an unhappy, stressful, or abusive marriage. But in general, marriage as a lifestyle can give you a healthier life – here’s how.

Health benefits of marriage:

1. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease:

A New York University study that examined the records of more than 3.5 million people aged between 21 and 102 found that men and women who were married had a lower rate of having a heart attack than their counterparts. single counterparts.

These results held even after adjusting for factors such as age, sex, race, and other risk factors. Thus proving that one of the benefits of marriage  is the reduction of the chances of having some cardiovascular disease  .

Interestingly, being divorced or widowed was more likely to have cardiovascular disease than being married or single. When it comes to heart disease  , it’s not better to have loved and lost.

Men also experience more health benefits than women. A Canadian study found that among men who had chest pain , married men went to the doctor for a check-out significantly earlier than single men, leading to a lower risk of cardiovascular death.

2. You will be less stressed:

It might seem counterintuitive when you’re in the middle of an argument, but being married actually triggers a hormonal shift that affects your stress levels . One study looked at 500 master’s students to learn more about it.

Researchers asked study participants to play a series of computer games that tested economic behaviors. In order to make games stressful and affect levels of cortisol, a stress hormone , students were told that testing was a course requirement that would impact future job placement.

Each student gave a saliva sample before and after the test to measure cortisol. The study found that cortisol levels were increased more in men and women who were single compared to those who were married.

Also, those people who were single had a higher baseline cortisol, meaning they suffered from higher levels of stress  to begin with.

The married group also showed a faster drop in cortisol levels when compared to the never-married group. Differences between the married and single groups were previously minimal. Again, one of the benefits of marriage is helping to keep stress under control .

3. Will fight cancer:

A little darker, but just as importantly, being married increased survival rates in cancer patients  in one study.

Published in a peer-reviewed journal, a University of San Diego study analyzed information from nearly 800,000 California adults who were diagnosed with invasive cancer between 2000 and 2009 and followed them in 2012.

They found that for men, on average, the death rate was 27% higher for those people who were not married; for women, it was 19% higher. The greatest benefits were found in married white men. The researchers attributed the higher survival rate among married patients to stronger immune systems than for unmarried ones.

With more than 1.6 million new cancer cases  diagnosed in 2015, this could have a real impact on public health  . Of course, if you’re not married, you can seek similar benefits by connecting with those in your close network of family and friends. Translation: Don’t let a cancer diagnosis isolate you from others.

4. You will live longer:

Finally, getting married can mean living longer. One study found that being married into middle age can be key to reaching old age.

Those people who were never married were twice as likely to die early than those who were in a stable marriage  in their adult life. Being single or widowed and never remarrying reduced the odds of reaching old age, even after the researchers adjusted the study for risky behaviors.

A downside of marriage:

Singles, not everything is doom and gloom. There’s one case where marriage doesn’t help: obesity . Married people suffer from higher rates of obesity than single people. Since obesity  is linked to so many other health conditions  , like diabetes, cardiovascular  disease and cancer , it’s important to continue to make healthy choices when you’re married – together.

Engaging in fun exercises is a great way to keep the spark alive while staying in shape. Consider exploring the neighborhood by bike, going rock climbing, or preparing a cooking class instead of going out to dinner and watching a movie.

Miscommunication and food stress can also trigger weight problems. If you’re having a hard time talking to your partner, consider visiting a couples therapist who can help you through difficult situations in your marriage, rather than opting for food for comfort.

Final considerations:

Being in a stable and secure marriage can help you live longer, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower your stress levels . For those people with cancer, being in a healthy marriage can increase the chances of living longer.

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However, if you are single and living with cancer , avoiding isolation and exploring your network of family and friends can provide similar benefits. A downside? Being married increases your changes from being obese. So, adopt an active and healthy lifestyle together.

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