7 health benefits of the lieutenant stick!

The benefits of pau lieutenant that few people know are many, as it helps fight stomach problems and other various conditions. In addition, Pau Tenente is a medicinal plant, also known as Pau bitter, Quassia or Quina, widely used as a natural treatment for stomach problems , infections and inflammations.

Its scientific name is Quassia amara L. and it can be used in the form of dry leaves, wood chips, powder or essential oil, for consumption in the form of teas or to apply on the skin.

They include action against changes in appetite, digestive difficulties, dyspepsia, infestations caused by worms. This plant is found in health food stores and some compounding pharmacies.

Pau Lieutenant Properties:

The Benefits of Pau Tenente is proven to be effective in helping the body to eliminate toxins, which are the impurities ingested daily with food . They are released from your body through your urine. In addition, Quassia amara tea potentially increases stomach secretions, facilitating digestion and improving bowel function, thus decreasing constipation.

It also has a strong action to combat uterine and intestinal cramps, as well as curing infections and improving liver function. The leaves of pau-tenente act in the control of cholesterol by eliminating the fat contained in the bloodstream. Such astringent factor helps to maintain full cardiovascular health.

What is the Lieutenant Stick for?

Pau Lieutenant has several health benefits, including:

  • Also, treatment of stomach ulcers, as it improves the lining of the stomach lining ;
  • Reduction of constipation, because the peristaltic movement of the intestine;
  • In addition, it facilitates digestion and stimulates the appetite, due to its tonic effect for the stomach ;
  • Blood glucose control, improving glycemic profiles in diabetes;
  • In addition, treatment of infections such as malaria and leishmaniasis, facilitating recovery;
  • Vermifuge, with action against parasites such as giardiasis and oxiuriasis;
  • In addition, antibacterial action;
  • Anti-cancer activity appears to be promising, particularly with effects against leukemia;
  • In addition, energetic and antipyretic effect.

The extract prepared with the stem and bark of the Benefits of Pau Tenente also has an insecticidal action against certain insects and mites, and can also be used on the scalp to treat lice.

Benefits of the Lieutenant Stick:

1. Helps Clear Body Fat:

Rich in astringent substances, the slimming tea manages to clean the fat contained in the blood. In addition, the action of the Benefits of Pau Tenente , in addition to helping to lose unwanted pounds, also fights cholesterol, which, when high, can cause cardiovascular disease.

2. Fight Muscle Spasms:

Spasms are involuntary movements of the stomach , intestine or bladder that cause pain, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the substances contained in the Benefits of Pau Lieutenant combat these actions.

3. Eliminates Toxins from the Body:

Every day thousands of toxins are ingested and produced through the digestion of food . In addition, to eliminate them, the body relies on the help of depurative substances, which capture the molecules in the organs – kidney – and in the bloodstream and eliminate them through the urine.

4. Fight Bad Digestion:

One of the characteristics of the substances of Pau Tenente tea is to increase stomach and intestinal secretions, action facilitates and accelerates digestion and also improves the peristaltic movement of the intestine and increases the volume of the fecal cake, fighting constipation.

5. Improves Appetite:

Full of appetizing substances, the Benefits of Pau Lieutenant , if ingested in the wrong way, can present the opposite result. In addition, since it opens the appetite, hindering those who wish to reduce the intake of food  to lose weight. In this case, opt for healthy and whole foods .

6. Strengthens the Hepatic System:

But that’s not all: The Benefits of Pau Lieutenant is still able to strengthen the hepatic system – liver; fight uterine and intestinal cramps; treat infections; reduce fevers and fight anemia.

7. Slimming Help:

In addition, many people use the benefits of Pau Lieutenant as a way to help with weight loss, due to its digestive and antioxidant effects. Also, check out the best teas to stimulate weight loss.

How to prepare the Tea of ​​Pau Lieutenant?

Tea can be made with natural leaves, dehydrated or powdered.


  • 2 tablespoons of leaves or powder of Pau de Lieutenant ;
  • 1 liter of filtered water;

Preparation mode:

  • Bring the water with the leaves to the fire until it starts to boil.
  • Turn off the heat and stifle for 10 minutes.
  • Also, drink 2 or 3 cups a day.

Side Effects of Stick Lieutenant:

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The ideal is that before using the Benefits of Pau Lieutenant consult a health professional. The use is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, since the plant contains elements that can harm the formation of the fetus. In addition, overdose can cause nausea and vomiting and, therefore, it is essential to follow the correct dosage when preparing and drinking tea daily.

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