17 health benefits of kefir!

Some of the benefits of kefir  include supporting the digestive system, a good source of probiotics, fighting infection, treating lactose intolerance, preventing cancer , fighting osteoporosis, treating allergic reactions, improving skin conditions, detoxifying, healing wounds and treatment of food poisoning.

You may not believe it, but you can replace yogurt with kefir. In addition, he is a fermented milk rich in probiotic bacteria that improve intestinal flora, assist in immunity and improve intestinal transit, helping to maintain the general health of the body.

The bacteria in this food can be safely grown at home, and making the drink is easy and resembles the production of plain yogurt .

Health benefits of kefir:

1. Source of probiotics:

Your body needs probiotics as much as it requires other nutrients. The former has the potential to treat numerous health issues while maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. Probiotics are microorganisms that can perform various bodily functions.

In addition, probiotics are essential for maintaining gut health and boosting immunity. Studies have revealed that kefir benefits are enriched with probiotics, it can ward off symptoms associated with infectious bacteria.

You can substitute yogurt for kefir , as it contains about 40 strains of bacteria along with six strains of yeast, while yogurt contains both components in relatively lesser amounts.

2. Improve the digestive system:

Fermented dairy products such as kefir are essential for maintaining gut health. and the last one helps with digestion as well. You can harvest many nutrients improves digestive health. Nutritionists recommend consuming kefir to treat diarrhea.

The properties found in it not only regulate your irregular bowel movements but also boost energy levels. However, it is suggested that you consult your primary care provider in this regard to avoid further digestion problems.

3. Fight the infection:

Viral infections and infectious bacteria cause fever , flu, diarrhea and nausea in most cases. You can consume kefir as it is potent enough to fight disease-causing bacteria. Nutritionists suggest destroying bacteria from a healthy source like kefir and avoiding consuming antibiotics regularly.

The latter will certainly ward off bacteria, but they can eliminate good bacteria as well. This condition will lead to bacterial imbalance. When consumed daily, the nutrients effectively fight bacteria and prevent viral infections.

4. Treating Lactose Intolerance:

Lactose intolerance means your body cannot digest specific sugars in milk. You can treat lactose intolerance by incorporating it into your daily diet. It can break down the sugar in milk effectively converting it into the lactic acid your body needs.

In addition, it contains minimal lactose than milk and the enzymes found in it allow the body to process milk sugar even further. However, you may also want to consider professional advice before treating lactose intolerance.

5. Prevent cancer:

Cancer is indeed a life-threatening disease that is spread by the uncontrollable growth of cancer cells and tumor. Studies have concluded that the amount of good bacteria that has the potential to prevent tumor development.

Additionally, the probiotics found in their function to slow the conversion of specific components into carcinogens in your body. It is said that kefir  also works as an antioxidant which is needed to strengthen the immune system.

6. Treat Osteoporosis:

You must consume enough calcium to fight the symptoms that contribute to osteoporosis. The condition leads to bone weakening and risks of fractures. Every year, about 200 million people suffer from osteoporosis.

Experts suggest that a lack of vitamin D and calcium intake contributes to this health problem. You can find calcium abundantly. Nutritionists recommend consuming at least 2 to 3 servings in a week to strengthen bones. However, in case of a serious bone problem, it is suggested to seek professional help and refrain from self-medication.

7. Treating allergic reactions:

Children and adults are prone to allergic reactions. However, you can treat this condition by incorporating kefir into your diets. Studies have shown that it contains anti-inflammatory effect that can ward off symptoms associated with the disease.

Additionally, nutritionists suggest that asthma is largely caused by allergens and inflammation that you can control through kefir. So, incorporate moderate portions into your diet and let it do the work for you.

8. Detoxifying:

External factors can affect your body just as much as internal ones. So, you need to opt for a healthcare solution. A recent study stated that it can be used as a detoxifier. Your body needs regular detox to flush out toxins, chemicals and toxic waste.

And it would be better if you consider a product enriched with many nutrients. When consumed regularly, the benefits of kefir  help to eliminate toxins, and its beneficial health properties will work to strengthen the internal body.

9. Improves skin appearance  :

The lactic acid found in kefir is said to be your skin’s best friend. It penetrates deep into your pores and rejuvenates cells and tissues that free radicals have damaged. Free radicals cannot only contribute to oxidative stress, but they are potent enough to destroy skin cells.

The condition results in fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. You can also call it premature aging. However, consuming kefir regularly will allow you to reap lots of nutrients along with lactic acid which promotes collagen leaving your baby skin smooth and soft.

10. Heal wounds:

Enriched with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, kefir benefits  can efficiently heal and soothe wounds . The components found can prevent the spread of infection in the affected area.

However, in case of a deep wound or knife cut, opt for professional treatment and do not try to treat it with home remedies.

11.Treating food poisoning:

Not everyone can digest certain foods, and this results in food poisoning. In addition, other dangerous pathogens such as E.coli and salmonella can also affect your body, which must be treated in time to prevent further damage. The benefits of kefir can also help in this regard.

It contains antibacterial properties that can ward off these disease-causing bacteria. However, experts considered food poisoning to be a disastrous health problem. Therefore, you should not attempt self-medication and always seek professional help.

Other health benefits of kefir:

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, kefir performs other functions in various parts of the body, bringing benefits such as:

  • Decrease constipation , as good bacteria improve digestion and improve intestinal transit;
  • Fight intestinal inflammation, as having healthy flora is the main factor in avoiding diseases;
  • Lose weight , as it is rich in protein and has low calories;
  • Combat osteoporosis , as it is rich in calcium;
  • Prevent and combat gastritis , especially gastritis caused by the bacterium H. pylori;
  • Strengthen the immune system , as it maintains healthy intestinal flora, which prevents infection by microorganisms through the intestine.

In addition, it balances the intestinal flora and improves the absorption of nutrients, being great for those who have undergone antibiotic treatments and need to regulate intestinal transit.

How to make milk kefir?

The preparation is very simple, similar to the homemade production of natural yogurt .


– 100 g of kefir;
– 1 liter of cow’s or goat’s milk;

Preparation mode:

  1. Place the grains, fresh milk, pasteurized or not, skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole, in a glass container.
  2. The contents are left at room temperature for approximately 24 hours.
  3. The fermented milk is strained to separate and recover the grains that are added to more fresh milk, repeating the process.

The already fermented liquid kefir that is strained can be consumed immediately or it can be kept in the fridge for later consumption.

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