4 benefits of dancing for health and beauty!

The benefits of dancing for health and beauty will surprise you, because in addition to being a great way to socialize, it can also bring benefits to the body . Also, are you ashamed or don’t know how to dance? It might be time to invest in some dance classes. According to a recent study, not only will it make you have more fun at parties, it will also be giving your brain a boost.

The study looked at 174 healthy people in their 60s and 70s who showed no signs of cognitive impairment. Some of the participants exercised from time to time, but most were sedentary. The group, which included both men and women, received tests that examined their mental capabilities and aerobic fitness. Then the real fun began.

Participants were randomly assigned to different groups: brisk walking; stretching and balancing training; and country dances, with increasingly advanced choreography. Each group meets three times a week for an hour. After six months, the participants returned to the lab and had the same tests they were initially given, and the results were astounding.

Benefits of dancing for health and beauty:

1. Boosts physical health

Dancing regularly can improve your physical activity, even when you’re not on the dance floor. One study followed 54 Spanish-speaking adults between the ages of 65 and 74 for four months. The group took twice-weekly dance classes in various places, including parks and senior centers. The researchers built from basic steps to more complex choreography to avoid overwhelming participants and tested their physical ability before and after the study.

Dance participants went from a 400 meter walk in more than 7 minutes to 6.5 minutes. Even more exciting, the physical activity they did on their own time increased from 650 minutes, or 10.8 hours, to nearly 818 minutes, or 13.6 hours. The participants weren’t just dancing, they were doing more physical activity. Increased physical activity means big gains for your health . The benefits of exercise range from reducing your risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease to getting better sleep and having more energy.

2. More intelligence and balance

A Canadian university study found that learning the steps needed to tango actually improved brainpower and balance. Their study followed seniors who had suffered a fall in the last year and were afraid of falling again, but were healthy. Half of the 30 seniors were sent to a walking group, while the others participated in tango lessons.

After meeting for two hours twice a week for 10 weeks, the tango dancers had better balance, hand coordination and posture than their walking counterparts. They were also better able to process complex mental tasks while doing other things, such as walking or standing. So for you to have the benefits of dance for health and beauty,  just practice.

3. Improve parkinson’s disease

But that’s not the only good thing about tango. Sensual dancing also helps Parkinson ‘s patients with their motor skills. Individuals with Parkinson ‘s struggle to walk and turn around when they walk. But a 2014 study, one of the longest-running examinations of the effects of exercise on Parkinson’s disease , found that tango dancing had a positive impact on patients.

Over the course of two years, those individuals who took a tango class twice a week for one hour improved their “severity of motor and non-motor symptoms, performance in activities of daily living, and balance.” In the control group, which did not participate in the tango lessons, some of these same measures decreased over the two years.

4. Increases intellectual power

If you are suffering from metabolic syndrome, put on your dancing shoes, as one of the health and beauty benefits of dancing  is its ability to improve the brain . Metabolic syndrome is a disorder that involves a combination of at least three unpleasant health problems : obesity, high triglyceride levels, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or low HDL cholesterol, otherwise known as “good” cholesterol. One of the side effects of the syndrome is an increased risk of cognitive impairment.


Dancing is a very safe exercise, but if you are taking medication, it is advisable to consult your physician before beginning a Dancing exercise program. Otherwise, your biggest problem may be trying to decide what kind of Dance to get involved in! Choosing a group is your best option; you’ll reap the benefits of socializing while getting a brain boost. Making friends in class can also hold you accountable for regularly attending sessions.

Final thoughts:

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Dancing is an effective way to improve your cognitive function and physical health with ease. A recent study found that dancing regularly can actually increase the white matter in our  brains that decreases as we age. The  benefits of dancing also improve intelligence and balance. For Parkinson ‘s disease patients , Dancing is a natural means of increasing both motor and non-motor symptoms.

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