25 health benefits of chile boldo!

The chile boldo  has been widely used by people who suffer from heartburn . In addition, chile boldo is excellent for helping the liver function , being useful after a day of exaggeration, excess alcohol or consumption of many fatty foods because it contains a substance called lactone that helps in the digestion  of ingested fats.

It also helps to deflate the belly and fights gas because it is a great digestive, but it is important to drink the tea right after its preparation and not add sugar, because it ferments and interferes with digestion .

Properties of boldo de chile :

Boldo’s properties include its gallbladder stimulating, diuretic, antispasmodic, anesthetic, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, depurative, detoxifying, stimulating, sedative, tonic and anthelmintic action.

Benefits of chile boldo :

1. Has digestive effect:

The chile boldo stimulates the production and release of gastric secretions, improving the process of digestion  of food.

2. Prevent gases:

It prevents the formation of gases during the digestive process. This occurs by improving digestion , which reduces food residues, which when fermented by bacteria release gases.

3. Protects the liver:

Chile boldo contains substances such as boldine and flavonoids that give it liver -protecting properties .

4. Prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder:

Boldine, an alkaloid present in boldo from chile , stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder and its consumption is able to change the chemical composition of bile, preventing the formation of gallstones.

5. Helps fight worms:

The chile boldo  contains several anthelmintic substances, including one called ascaridol, which causes intestinal parasites to detach from the tissue to which they are attached, in addition to having a toxic effect on worms.

6. Reduces Constipation:

Boldo tea from Chile  is used as a mild laxative. However, it should be ingested in moderation, since in huge amounts and long phases, it can cause gastric irritation.

7. Improves gastric health:

The Plant stimulates the production and release of gastric secretions, improving the process  of food digestion . In addition, chile boldo tea  has nutritional properties that are of paramount importance for the health of our body.

8. Prevents fluid retention:

The chile boldo  favors the adequate elimination of liquids by the body, preventing the swelling caused by water retention.

9. Detoxifies the liver:

The most famous use of chile boldo  is to detoxify the body by stimulating liver function , thinning the blood and reducing the presence of blood clots.

10. Boosts the Immune System:

Chile boldo leaves  have antimicrobial and antiviral properties that make it ideal for boosting the immune system.

11. Relieves inflammation:

Research shows that the various antioxidants present in chile boldo  can reduce both chronic and acute inflammation in the body.

12. Reduces inflammation:

Chili boldo  is very effective in sedating inflammation, particularly in conditions related to the liver , stomach, intestines, and other parts of the digestive system.

Inflammation caused as a side effect of drugs, excessive use of alcohol or narcotics, hard and spicy foods, any disease or any toxic element that enters the body can be sedated with this boldo from chile .

13. Prevents microbial infections:

Due to the highly toxic nature of this essential oil, it is extremely effective as an antimicrobial agent. Kills microbes and inhibits their growth. It is equally effective on any type of microbe such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa or viruses. Chile boldo Can  be used to cure various diseases and infections caused by microbes.

14. Improves digestion:

Chile boldo has found its use in maintaining digestion as  well. This essential oil is particularly effective in treating digestive disorders due to microbial action, such as digestion , vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, and food poisoning. Also, being a cholagogue and a liver, it promotes digestion , keeping the liver healthy.

15. Prevents acidosis:

Due to its stimulant properties, chile boldo  increases the secretion of bile from the liver , thereby helping the decomposition and resulting digestion  of ingested food, while maintaining the acid and base balance in the stomach. This also helps to eliminate acidity and acidosis.

Other Benefits of Boldo de Chile :

  1. Aid in the treatment of gastritis;
  2. Aid in the treatment of gallbladder problems;
  3. Relief of symptoms of food intolerance;
  4. Decreased gas;
  5. It acts as an antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial;
  6. It has a calming effect;
  7. Improves liver function ;
  8. Aid in digestion and the functioning of the digestive system;
  9. Decreased heartburn ;
  10. Decreased effects of alcoholic beverages.

Despite all the boldo of chile , it is contraindicated in case of obstruction of the gallbladder and during pregnancy , especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, because it can provoke abortion or cause malformations in the fetus.

Chilean boldo tea recipe :


– A spoon (dessert) of chile boldo leaves;
– A cup of filtered water.

Preparation mode:

  1. Buy boldo leaves at street markets or natural food stores in your city or even online.
  2. The beneficial effects of tea can be found in both fresh and dried leaves.
  3. When acquiring the herb, first start by washing it.
  4. Then chop the leaves into small pieces with your own hands.
  5. While you clean the main ingredient, put the water on the fire and bring it to a boil.
  6. After the boiling process, place the chopped herb in the cup with the hot water and cover the container.
  7. Leave to infuse for up to 10 minutes, then strain the tea and serve.

When should it not be used?

The chile boldo is contraindicated in pregnancy because it can be abortive and also for patients with inflamed and obstructed bile ducts, acute hepatitis or pancreatitis.

Side effects:

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There are some unpleasant side effects from drinking too much tea, including ascaridole toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, bleeding disorders, obstruction of the bile ducts, and pregnancy complications . Some of these side effects are quite serious, so it is highly recommended to speak to your doctor before drinking this tea.

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