Bacuri – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects!

Bacuri – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects.  In addition,  Bacuri has  several nutrients that assist in the general health of the body and organism. Bacuri  is native to the Amazon rainforest. The Bacuri is little bigger than an orange , with thicker skin of a lemon-yellow color. Bacuri belongs to the Guttiferae family and offers many health benefits and is used in ice creams, jellies, candies, cakes, puree liqueurs and other delicacies. 

The bacuri tree (Platonia insignis) can reach more than 40 m in height, with a trunk up to 2 m in diameter in the most developed trees. Its wood, considered noble, also has various applications. This tree occurs naturally from Guiana, at the mouth of the Amazon River, to Piauí, following the coast of Pará and until Maranhão. Check out the Health Benefits of Bacuri:

  • Regulates the Intestine;
  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol;
  • Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties;
  • Maintains Bone Health;
  • Promotes Skin Health;
  • Contains Antioxidant Properties;

In view of all the properties of  Bacuri  presented above, the benefits of  Bacuri  become numerous. So, check out  the 6 Health Benefits of Bacuri below:

Benefits of Bacuri To Reduce Cholesterol:  In addition, the fibers  present in  Bacuri  help control blood glucose, help maintain cholesterol levels in the blood,  Bacuri  also helps with weight loss.

Benefits of Bacuri with Anti-Inflammatory Properties:  The performance of the fibers  together with the anti-inflammatory action of  Bacuri , make  Bacuri  a great ally for patients who have certain pathologies such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

In this way, those who have one of these diseases can consume  Bacuri without fear , considering that the nutrients and properties of this plant will control their rates.

Benefits of Bacuri for Bone Health:  The doses of  calcium , iron and phosphorus contained in  Bacuri are essential  for boosting nerve transmissions and for healthy development of bones and teeth. Because  Bacuri  is considered a natural remedy against rheumatism.

Therefore,  Bacuri  is a natural remedy against rheumatism and arthritis. As for the  vitamin C  present in  Bacuri.  It can be said that  Bacuri  has a beneficial action on consumers in terms of strengthening the body’s immune system.

Benefits of Bacuri For Skin:  Bacuri still  treats skin problems, eliminates spots in this region. Bacuri  serves both as a healing and renewing of the epidermis .

Benefits of Bacuri with Antioxidant Properties:  Bacuri  has  antioxidant properties and is used to treat eczema, herpes, earache, in addition, Bacuri  is a natural and effective remedy for spider bites.

Benefits of Bacuri for the Intestine:  Because it contains fibers  in its composition, Bacuri  is capable of causing satiety in those who consume it. Bacuri  helps in the better functioning of the intestine, regularizing the functions performed by this organ.

Other Benefits of Bacuri: Bacuri has many health benefits, in addition to those mentioned above, Bacuri has many other benefits for the body. Watch the video below and check it out:

Uses of Bacuri:  The pulp of bacuri can be eaten raw, for its excellent flavor and aroma. It is also very popular for making sweets, ice cream and other products. The mesocarp of the fruit, with a flavor and quality similar to the pulp, is rarely consumed due to the presence of resin, with 1.45%. The seeds are used to extract oil, or “bacuri lard”, of medicinal and cosmetic value. The fruit residues are used in animal feed.

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Bacuri Side Effects:  There are no proven studies that  Bacuri  is bad for health. However, no plant or fruit should be consumed in excess and no treatment should be done without medical advice.

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