Homemade recipe to eliminate varicose veins!

Varicose veins  are deformed and dilated, purplish-blue veins that appear along the legs and can cause swelling and pain. Its occurrence is more common in individuals who need to stand for long periods. The leg veins , which return blood to the heart after having irrigated the lower limbs, have valves whose purpose is to prevent the blood from returning to the feet by the action of gravity.

More severe episodes can occur due to dilation of both deep and superficial veins . In such cases of venous insufficiency, persistent foot edema, leg ulcers , and changes in skin pigmentation may develop . Despite being a very unpleasant condition, there is a home remedy that is very effective for varicose veins . So, see in detail this remedy:



  • Heat the liter of water and, when it is boiling, add the leaves and bark of the cypress ;
  • Allow the decoction to run for 10 minutes;
  • Strain and let cool;
  • Then, go to the place where the Varizes are .

The bark of this tree has many properties for the treatment of various diseases of the circulatory system and, of course, varicose veins .

You can also use this other homemade recipe for Varicose Veins :


  • 5 tablespoons of horse chestnut shell (50 g);
  • 1 liter of water .


  • Boil the water and add the chestnut shell . Leave to infuse for 10 minutes;
  • After the recommended time, strain the preparation and once it has cooled down, drink the liquid;
  • Repeat every day in the morning or at night.

To maximize the results, practice some exercises regularly; a healthy diet is also extremely important against varicose veins .

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